Thursday, October 18, 2012

Casting a Spell on you

We need more Halloween polishes, don't we? Halloween is definitely my favourite season for nail polish - it certainly suits an old gothic hag like myself perfectly. Today I'm showing you one I especially liked this year, in fact, I'm still wearing it. You've seen it a million times aleady, but again, here's Cast a Spell, from China Glaze's Wicked collection.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a very sore spot for the golden olive kind of green shades, and this is another one I've enjoyed greatly. I'd say, if golden is how we usually see thesecolors, this one could be labeled as more bronze looking, although, of course, the rather heavy foil particles here are in fact golden. As a huge plus, this was tremendously well pigmented, and if you have short nails and are a generous type of person, you'll get away with one coat! I did two though, because I usually start with a very thin coat over my base.

While I'm at it, I'd like to mention that usually, China Glaze wears like crap on me. I seldom get more than one day out of a China Glaze manicure. But I have found a remedy for that: OPI Bond Aid (Chip Skip is the same product, but comes in the standard OPI bottle and should be available in the core display). Starting off my manicure with it, I now have almost 48 hours without a single ship with this one, not even on very damaged nails. I highly recommend trying a bonding product if you have wear issues! What it really does is optimating the nail plate pH. If I had put more energy into it, I'd have figured out what that ideal pH is, and tried searching for a cheap substitute, but I've been too lazy.

Back to Cast a Spell. The day I applied it, I had received a huge bundle of fimo sticks in the mail, and I wanted to try some. So I cut out a dark, black edged butterfly that I added to my manicure, along with smoke toned rhinestones.

This particular butterfly, on my thumbnail, has serious health issues, but it isn't noticeable before you start pondering it. It's actually two slices of a single-wing design fimo stick, that I arranged with the rhinestone after adding to the just applied second coat of color. With a healthy dab of topcoat it settles just fine. The same design is on my right ring finger nail, but those pics came out all blurry, unfortunately.

This color gets a huge thumbs up from me, so if you're into these shades, get it while it's available.

All products were purchased with own funds.

Swedish word of the day:
förtrolla -verb casting a spell


  1. China Glaze sucks like hell on me too. I always do the sticky sandwich when I wear ChG. I miss living in Detroit/Ann Arbor, where I am now I have practically no access to any good np. :( Of course you're way over in Sweden, so I shouldn't complain, huh?

    1. Well, living in Sweden means no access to decent polish at decent prices at all, so yes, internet is our friend. ;)

  2. Thats so stunning! I love the half and half butterfly, took me a while to see what was different too it!

    Jazz x

  3. Very gorgeous, I too like the gothic colours!

    Jazz x

  4. This looks gorgeous on you! I almost picked this up with Make a Spectacle but didn't. I invariably find these colors boring on my fingers but it looks beautiful on you.

  5. so cute! I love the butterfly!

  6. Gorgeous polish and love your Gothic hag description! I don't have good wear with CG either so I will try your Chip Skip tip, pretty sure I've got a bottle in the Helmers somewhere!

  7. Väldigt snyggt! Jag kanske måste ha det här jag med. Du förtrollar alla fall mig med dina bilder.

  8. have it and love it. China Glaze wears ages on me too, weird that it doesn't work with you!


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