Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aware zombies

Today's polish wasn't made for Halloween, but it certainly fits the theme! Let's have a look at Vegan Zombie from Polish Revolution.

I wish I could have shown you this polish in the sun, but we don't have a lot of that in Sweden these days, so we'll have to do without it for now. Let me ensure you that this polish contains lots of bling and glitz, if that's what you're looking for. Green glitters in different colors and shapes, some silver, a few largee matte white thrown in, sprinkled with finer, black glitter. Here shown in two coats, the grey base is still rather sheer, but on the other hand there's a good glitter coverage. I didn't want to add a third coat, since I personally don't have a problem with the see through effect, but this is indeed a buildable polish. You may of course layer it over an opaque color, and, perhaps, only wear one coat of Vegan Zombie if you like the glitter more sparse.

Me, I'm a fan of sandwiches and the idea of a jellyish overcoat, so I got my bottle of OPI My Pointe Exactly, the grey jelly from the New York City Ballet collection, to achieve this:

Oh, I love the muted, speckled look! I would really like to try a true sandwich with these two for a more grey and sparser glitter manicure.

This glitter polish is of the kind that's rather easy to work with, and to some extent you can brush it onto the nail, but you will get a more even glitter distribution of you use a good dollop on each nail and spread it like butter on a sandwich. The base isn't too thick and and drying time is good.

I really needed this polish in my collection, because, frankly, what's not cool about it? The look, the colors, the name (even though I'm not the ultimate zombie fan, and not a vegan although sympathizing with the idea), even the brand name tickles my fancy. You can get Polish Revolution products in the Etsy store, and the polishes are $9 a pop. Lauryn, who makes them, also sent me two polishes for review, so look out for that in the foreseeable future.

Vegan Zombie was purchased with own funds.
My Pointe Exactly was sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
hjärna -noun brain
Something a vegan zombie wouldn't eat.


  1. This color combination is incredible. Those greens and grey really do make a good pair. You wear it really well too!

  2. Hade det inte varit för att jag inte klarar av att se mina naglar lysa igenom ett lack så där mycket hade jag köpt det på direkten. Det är snyggt!

  3. Jag gillar verkligen det här lacket! Det är så udda! Det är också råsnyggt över ett grått lack i matchande nyans.

  4. oh my gosh! this is amazing! perfect for Halloween <3

  5. It looks like pretty. This color combination is incredible.

    Murano Glass

  6. ... yeah, so I said that if you bought this polish, I would end up caving. Truth: I caved wayyy before this post! LOL! :P ... but I still haven't tried mine, so I better get on that!


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