Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smitten with Violets

Let's go back to the independent polish market for a while. There are a bunch of ladies mixing their own stuff, selling it on Etsy, and right now I'm trying to pick up at least one of aaall the brands. I therefore acquired a bottle of Smitten Polish, namely You're Turning Violet, Violet. It had caught my eye in the shop, because I really liked the blue glitter in a purple base thing. Check it out.

I did two coats of this glitter bomb, and although you can tell from these photos it has a see through effect, it really wasn't obvious in reality. After the two coats the base color was completely even and I had enough glitter coverage to be more than content with the result. Except for the blue holographic like glitters - I believe they're referred to as "disco glitters" - there is smaller holographic glitter as well. The base is a plum or grape sorta purple, and the overall color effect is somewhere in between the two colors - purple!

Upon application I was really impressed with how easy this was to work with, it went on very smooth and the glitter ended up well distributed over the nail surface without any poking around with the brush. Noelie, the person behind the creation, admitted to me that she's been working really hard on the formula to achieve this.

I'm not sure when or if this particular shade will be restocked in the Smitten Polish Etsy shop, but if you like blue or purple glitters, this is the indie brand shop to hang around.

This product was purchased with personal funds.

Swedish word of the day:
betagen -adjective smitten
Smitten with polish.


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