Monday, September 17, 2012

Cu Blue, baby I love you

I hope you were born at the latest in around 1986, so you can sing along with me in the headline phrase! If not, that's okay too. I like all people.

For the time being, this blog has slightly turned into a journey through independent brand nail polish. It's just too big to ignore, and so many polishes are too good to do the same. In all honestly, the larger bulk of independent polishes I can resist, but Cu Blue is one I had to have when I saw it. It's made by Girly Bits, a pretty brand belonging to Pam, who is located in Canada. Pam is one of the at the moment creators who doesn't necessarily put huge glitters in all her polishes, and being a shimmer fan, I can much appreciate this. Take a look.

This is four coats of Cu Blue, of which at least two could be described as generous (it doesn't bubble!). Frankly, painting with this particular shade wasn't what I'd call a breeze, but the end result is so worth it. Dark blue jelly? Yes please. Copper shimmer? Sign me up. I love this color combination, and I ended up wearing this polish for several days without wanting to repaint - the wear was actually very good, which isn't always the case with my nails. In these photos, there are a few scratch and dangs present, because I didn't photograph this manicure immediately, but hopefully you can all tell the beauty of the product beneath my topcoat. Of course, since this is a jelly, you should wrap your tips more carefully than I've done here, to eliminate the sheerness at the very edge.

If you would like to check out Girly Bits more closely, you will find Pam's shop at Big Cartel, and also on Llarowe.

This product was purchased with personal funds.

Swedish word of the day:
koppar -noun copper
Mined in Sweden since the 10th century - at least.


  1. Jag älskar också den här! Jag har fotat den men är missnöjd med mina bilder så vi får se om jag har den igen snart för att åtgärda det. Den är värd att bäras igen, det är den verkligen. Dina bilder är fantastiska!

    1. Inga bilder kan göra det rättvisa! Och jellies är alltid så himla svåra att få till.

  2. Det ser ju helt fantastiskt ut på dina bilder! Måste nog överväga ett köp av denna ändå.

  3. Oh my what a stunning polish

  4. I gave in to Cu Blue, also! So yummy, and it wore quite well for me as well. Looks better on you, though! Great pics/mani!

  5. I love that copper glimmer! :-D

  6. Gorgeous polish. I agree, there is just too much chunky glitters out there for my taste ATM. This is something I'd gladly have though.

  7. wow this is gorgeous!

  8. I could not agree more with you about big chunky glitters and as a shimmer lover myself I love this one a lot, also star spangled is gorgeous


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