Monday, July 9, 2012

Swedish Raspberry

I made a franken! Yeah, it's not that unusual apparently, but here it is anyway. Lately my mind has come up blank when trying to figure out names for my frankens, and this was no exception. Though, right now I decided to temporarily call it Swedish Raspberry. Terrible name, weird photos below.

Jelly translucency.

Pink and just a sprinkling of golden glasfleck.

Green, reflective glitter! Deeper glitters appear black.


I did three coats of this little polish, consisting of a large part H&M Pinktastic, a drizzle of OPI Let Me Entertain You, and an H&M glitter called Aqua Splash. Aqua Splash is reflective enough to appear prismatic, although I do believe the particles are flat.

Do you like it?

Swedish word of the day:
hallon -noun raspberry
With vanilla ice cream it's a great summer cooler.


  1. I think it is very pretty!

  2. Mm! Ser smaskig ut! Väldigt fin rosa och jag gillar det gröna glittret.

  3. That name is cute! The base look a little bit like OPI I'm All Ears :)

  4. Tycker det ser fint ut :-) Och exotiskt namn för alla andra, hihi ;-)

  5. very pretty! this is my favorite shade of pink!

  6. I happen to think your franken skills are amazing. I love seeing what you come up with. This one is super cute!

  7. I love it! That's a great creation, and one of the best Frankens I've seen.

  8. Awesome! I just saw the pictures and immediately searched whitch brand it is, but then I saw it's a franken :)
    its beautiful though!


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