Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are Mermaids Real?

Who knows, but my bet is on "no". Still, some may ask the question, like Spoiled by Wet n Wild. I had seen those on some blogs so I got me some off of ebay, and Are Mermaids Real? was one of them.

I can't remember if this was two or three coats, but no matter what, this purple jellyish base is packed with golden fleck glitter. It's really pretty, but for some reason I didn't really enjoy wearing it. Maybe it's just not for me..?

Also, I'm wondering if this is dupey to any other typical drugstore polish. I got a total of four Spoiled polishes, and the three others were dupes of either Wet n Wild's own polishes, or other brand's. I'm guessing these are decently priced though, if you can find it in stores, while on ebay there are of course some extra charging. Well, what is a Swedish girl going to do anyway?

Swedish word of the day:
sjöjungfru -noun mermaid
Cute and all. Or..?


  1. I got mine in a swap, and it wasn't really for me either, but that is because of the golden shimmer. I'm more of a silver kind of girl :)
    I love your pics though, as always!!

  2. Wow, I need to get my hands on a bottle of this, STAT!

  3. To me it looks gorgeous and I actually have two bottles that looks similar, one is from Avon Midnight Violet and the other one is from Misslyn and it is called Las Vegas
    Those colors are pretty stunning

  4. Very pretty! I can't think of a current drugstore dupe for this one.

  5. Häftig textur verkar det vara iaf!

  6. it reminds me a lot of zoya danni

  7. But the shade looks good on you! :)
    Following you. :)

  8. Sally Hansen Salon Arabian Night and Hard Candy Mr Wrong are purples with a gold shimmer, but I think both are more blurple. This polish is going on my wish list, I love that kind of shimmer!

  9. This is lovely. In the area I live, Wet & Wild pulled out of distribution here quite a few yrs ago, assume it was an economic decision. Hard to think the Wet & Wild brands were not a money maker in hard economic times. I have heard there are ares of Florida (if not the entire state) that like my area of California, don't have the brand. So I rarely get to see Spoiled unless I am out of town/state for medical needs. I hate to spend $ on really low end polishes on ebay - thinking I am not getting a very good deal. But like you, when there is a brand, collection, color I am nuts to try, I do cave in and pay the extra cost to get it via the secondary market. This is lovely. Curious if it's a smooth finish or a crusty glitter feeling surface? I am so not into removing glitter off anymore. Also, I find I tire of glitter looks REALLY fast and want to change them out before they are wearing off.

    1. It was rather smooth actually, although these flecked finishes can be a bit of work to remove, still. But your regular topcoat on this will do just fine, no need for several coats of topcoat or anything.

  10. Gorgeous shade! I was about to put it in WL, but then I remembered I have a similar one. Otherwise I'd have no idea where to get WnW.. :)

  11. L.A. Girl Color Addict also has a similar one. I got mine from Charlotte Russe. It's called Extreme & the only difference is that it is a fine gold/green shifting shimmer instead of a glass fleck. :) http://acetoneandoldlacquer.blogspot.com/2011/06/la-girl-color-addict-extreme.html


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