Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail Him with Pinktastic

Okay, that was the lamest headline I have ever written, but here goes. Just a couple of H&M polishes I recently wore, in one swingle shot each, because there was no sun and all my other photos came out crap. Both these are fairly newly released, and both are pretty in their own ways.

Nail Him. I think this was actually three coats, which isn't often needed for H&M polishes - but this is a shizzle bright blue with blue shimmer, close enough to be a neon that it scares my camera, and you know these finishes... They are sometimes sheer and see-through despite being very pigmented, but stil not jellyish. (A k a weird.) Therefore no decent focus on the shimmer, but it's rather close to tone-in-tone, just adds a little glow and makes it even brighter. Fun and hard to photograph.

Pinktastic. Well, it's pink alright. This one was also sheer, and also not really jelly, but perhaps bordering on being one - three coats here and still visible nail line. Fuchsia glassfleck. Nice, cute, bright enough for me, but I like my fuchsias even more in the face than this. I still wore it for three days or so. Not that unique but beautiful nonetheless.

Swedish word of the day:
färgmättnad -noun color saturation
I love it in high numbers.


  1. I can see what you mean by Nail Him's photography issues. I was so excited to see a swatch (I got a bottle just before I left Finland) because it's such a great blue, but it's absolutely got more punch than it looks like. Great color! Glad to see someone else with it!


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