Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lights... Camera... and ACTION!

Ready for one of the worst posts in the history of this blog? It's aaall the iPhone photos. Why? Because I tried the neon capturing thing with my camera on ... Well, Camera, actually, and gave up immediately. Then I just took snapshots of these manicures to send to friends and the like, and now, suddenly, for some mind-blowing reason, I've decided to post them?! I know, I should just shoot myself. Yet, here they are, the infamous neon-ish colors of Essie's Poppy Razzi collection. So kill me. (Or just look away.)




No, I haven't worn Bazooka yet. It was the least tempting one, but it will be worn eventually, because I just can't stay away from neons, especially lately. I like saving all my neons for the dreary and depressingly grey Swedish fall, but I just couldn't do it this time. 

Also, my imagination wanders when thinking of the names here. Lights, Camera, Action... And then Bazooka? What kind of movie is this? And if Poppy Razzi is a play on paparazzi, why aren't the colors muted and named Hiding, Tree, 10 Feet Wall and Telephoto Lens?

Here's the grand finale. I used all the other colors and dotted them over Action. Then I decided it needed some kind of exclamation. So I made a few extra dots with Turntable, from the LA Girl Disco Brites line.

All the dots were annoying though, so I only wore this for half a day or so.

Sorry about the crappy post, but I decided I just adore this little collection way too much to not tell anyone.

Swedish word of the day:
prickig -adjective dotted
Not always that relaxed.


  1. I love those colors! And the last pic of your nails are beautiful! :)

  2. I love this unusual dots design))

  3. The pics haven't turned out bad for iphone pics.

  4. I really love Action the most out of these! I don't have a color like it.

  5. loove this collection.. just have camera & action tho which i still need to try!

  6. Gosh, your dotti manicure at the bottom there is absolutely amazing!

  7. Den prickiga designen var ju riktigt riktigt snygg. SÅ glad och rolig! :)

  8. Gradient design with these nail polishes might look really cool!:D

  9. I actually really like all the dots, I think they're sweet. Especially with the teal.

  10. Phone's are so good at taking photos these days, almost better than my camera! LOL great colours!


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