Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OPI The Amazing Spider-Man

Finally, sun! Here are swatches of the parts of the The Amazing Spider-Man collection from OPI that I have.

Into the Night. Four coats. Sheer, fine midnight blue shimmer, borderline frost finish.

Just Spotted the Lizard. Three coats of the golden greenish multichrome Péridot dupe.

My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Three coats of slightly greyed, white creme.

Your Web Or Mine? Two coats, frosty warm pink.

Formula was good on all, but pigmentation a little varied. Into the Night still has see-through spots at four coats - magnify the photos and you'll see it. My Boyfriend Scales Walls isn't the best white I've worked with, but not the worst either, and though the pigmentation is okay, I still needed a third coat to even it out. Someone more gifted could perhaps do with two coats.

So, what's to say about the colors? Into the Night is fine, but too sheer to win any hearts, most of us already have some kind of white creme we like, and Your Web Or Mine? is just terrible and I can't see why it is part of a collection named after a classic Marvel character at all. Since OPI certainly isn't first with the golden green multichrome we've all seen in different shapes and forms already, nothing really stands out. I highly doubt the well informed lacqueristas will run out to get these, but the general cosmetics user might find something interesting. Most of all, Just Spotted the Lizard fills the void of a decently priced, well formulated, easily accessible, and accurate Chanel Péridot dupe. Anyone who couldn't find a bottle of the afore mentioned, or found it too expensive, can get this one and feel no regrets, and here is why:

Included here are a couple more recent attempts at a similar shade. From left to right: Chanel Péridot, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, Hits Trendy from the Mari Moon collection, and Models Own Golden Green from the Beetlejuice collection. You can tell right away that the two to the right are not contenders to the dupe title, so let's take a closer look at the Chanel and the OPI:

They're pretty darn close. The OPI might be a tiny tad smoother, particle wise, but these are so close that you don't need both.

There is a golden grey in this collection also, that could be a dupe for Chanel Graphite, but I have neither and therefore can't help you with a comparison, so let's just hope someone else can show us one soon!

Overall, this is a decent collection, but I'm really missing a bold red. Yes, you read me right, I'm actually missing a red from OPI. The brand that usually tries to choke us to death with reds, didn't put one out, and I'm missing it. Yes. Partly because I can't see where the pink and the coral (not depicted) fits in the Marvel theme, and partly because red certainly is an important Spider-Man color. So, my conclusion is, this isn't the best movie themed collection OPI has done, but it's okay and probably to some extent thrilling for the average consumer.

Swedish word of the day:
ödla -noun lizard
Sometimes cute, and sometimes not.


  1. Four coats for Into The Night?! No thank you. I feel like this collection could have been sooo much more than this.

    I already have the Jessica Cosmetics Peridot dupe, but might pick up the OPI just because I can.

    Thanks for the swatches!

  2. there could have been so much more, an electric blue matte, a spiderman red. Sigh. So disappointing!

  3. Great post and comparison!! Thank you for sharing this! :D

  4. I like Just Spotted The Lizard. Thanks for swatching!

  5. Into the night looks lovely but 4 coats is a bit much for me xx


  6. Tack för ett utmärkt inlägg. Visst finns det en del fina speciellt Just spotted the lizard, men känner mig nog ändå lite besviken. Hade väntat mig mera.

  7. The collection is lame as I thought, but thank you for the great swatches and the comparison!
    Is it weird that I actually like the Model's Own one best?

  8. You always get new OPI collections so much earlier in Sweden than we do in the states - even if you are getting them for PR. No one has even seen them here in the states. Exciting to see you got them and posted them for us. There was a lot of excitement over this collection. Sadly, I would say my impression is non excitement now that I have seen them. Nothing here that is even new or exciting to me. One more movie/polish tie in...and I don't think it really reflects a thing about Spiderman as far as a tie in.

  9. What a boring collection! I'm not too disappointed, though--my wallet needs a break!

  10. This is soooo BEAUTIFUL ! I can´t believe my eyes :)

  11. Maybe blue, Into the Night (because I'm crazy about blue lately ;)) but others looks a little chewed and not really new colors


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