Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do the Miss Doll!

This is the lovely thing about blogging: interacting with readers and exchange ideas! Some of you commented on the Homa manicure post that you do organized chaotic two-toned manicures as well, and Miss Doll, a frequent commenter on this blog, was one who shared her idea. I decided to try it, and it looks like this:

Two colors, one on each hand, but exchange them on middle fingers. Miss Doll said that she used a beige color, so I found one as well, an old H&M mini from one of those Spring Nails sets, and the shade that looks pink here is actually a neon purple from Ruby Kisses, called Electric Purple. You know how those tend to be: red based, and of course never photograph well. But it doesn't matter, this looks cool too.

Thank you, Miss Doll, for sharing your idea!

Swedish word of the day:
låna -verb borrow
Borrowing ideas is a great thing.


  1. Kul manikyr! Jag gillar när man blandar på det här sättet.

  2. Vilken snygg kombination!

  3. I love this look -- definitely want to try it myself!

  4. I love this organized chaos look. 'Course I love anything that has fuchsia/magenta in it also!!!

  5. So devine! Love this look! xx

  6. Det här skulle jag vilja testa! Normalt brukar jag bara köra varannan nagel i samma färg, och sedan skifta ordningen på andra handen.

  7. I do this, except I use my ring finger instead of middle finger. Sometimes, if I want to keep one color predominant on both hands, I make my ring and thumbs one accent color, and the other fingers a different color.

  8. You are welcome, I was so excited to see my name on top of your amazing blog and now I feel like I won a huge prize. I'm really glad that you like the idea and that you showed it on your blog
    Thanks :)


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