Friday, March 23, 2012

Offering for the spring gods

I know, I'm sorry! Though I think about doing it a lot of the time, I never manage blogging like I used to. My work situation is killing me, but you know what? I won't go back to that place after I go home on Monday morning. That's right, I'm working all weekend, but to compensate for my laziness, I'll schedule someposts to keep you company, while you're waiting for my comeback as an unemployed blogger.

First, let's call on those gods of spring. Can you see me? With this horrendously bright manicure, you should! From another one of those limited edition H&M lines, here is Rising Sun.

Three coats of this lemon yellow creme struck with gold shimmer. The color here is slightly off - in reality it's less orange-y. After these rather generous three coats it's still somewhat transparent, though, so it could be that this translates more on camera, that my flesh (!) is showing through. Yes, it's a weird pigmentation. Actually not as streaky and gluey as I expected it to be (I hate working with yellow pigments), but sheer, in a strange way.

When I was in a shopping mood yesterday, as the sun was shining and I had just seen my dentist, I couldn't resist this piece of the sun. And it's okay.

I also wanted to let you know that, regretfully, Cammi will no longer be a steady writer of this blog.  With two small children, she just can't find the time to swatch, edit and write. But perhaps, in the future, she could drop in for a guest posting or two. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Swedish word of the day:
solgul -adjective sunny yellow
Needed right now.


  1. Such a gorgeous, bright colour!!! xx

  2. Lol I love the title of this post! This color is lovely!

  3. This color of yellow looks good on you. It appears to have a little tish of a gold to this yellow vs. a white/yellow in a true pastel. I am also Swedish and have that pale to golden (if I ever let the sun hit my skin) skin tone. I wear yellow garments well - but typically not on my nails. Always seems odd to me.

  4. Such a gorgeous yellow! I wish we had polishes at H&M here in the states, every one I've ever seen, I've loved!

  5. Yay, new post! I can totally get it, the lack of time for blogging. I had it for months now, and I'm still not used to it. Awesome colour though, very bright. I need to wear yellow soon.


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