Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Crimson Idol

Time for one of my favourite color combinations: blue and gold. Do you remember this post? Regardless, here's the beauty known as Idol, from the LA Girl Color Addict line.

Really low on sun that day, but I think it's still pretty apparent how lovely this shade is. Two coats of a formula that was a little bit too thick - I should have added a couple of drops of thinner, but I didn't. The creme base has the perfect dusty tint to it, and the gold shimmer is rather fine.

Yes, I love this color combination. After all, I'm Swedish. It's probably some kind of original sin, because I'm not a patriot per se. I dragged out a few shades like it:

To the left is Idol, in the middle is a gorgeous shade from the old NYX Girls line, called Wild (terrible photo here), and to the right is a franken I've made out of NYX Girls Ink Heart, Wet n Wild Craze Shield and a little bit of Color Club Enchanted Holiday. Yum.

But then I did the best layering ever. Or perhaps not, but it's very, very nice. I just put a thin coat of CND Crimson Sparkle on top.

Shot with my DSLR.

Shot with my compact camera.

Et voila! Lemming for Rescue Beauty Lounge Piú Mosso instantly killed!

Swedish word of the day:
blåblodig -adjective blue blooded
I actually did have a noble ancestor back in the 16th century.


  1. I love everything about this! Now you've created a lemming for me!

  2. It's great on its own, but you really did great job with layering, it looks gorgeous!

  3. I love Idol, it's a great colour. But your layering combination is simply perfect.

  4. Totally gorgeous both ways...now I have to try and franken this color or find it in our little town...

  5. Both those "versions" are simply gorgeous. Love that color with your skin tone.

  6. Ok. Jag klantade mig. Provar igen.

    Du kunde ju ha nämnt W.A.S.P. 8) Det är en fördjävla bra skiva. Vi har den signerad. ;D

  7. I am really into these denim blue shades right now and have been for a few months - funny that Nubar and Chanel both came out with denim 3 bottle collections AFTER I got this dusty gray blue thing going in my love category. This looks amazing with the CND Crimson special effects - those SE are all so much fun. I need every one I can find - they are hard for me to run across where I live.

  8. This is gorgeous! Love it with the top coat.

  9. Yep, I really need Idol in my life.

  10. Hej!
    Älskar också kombinationen blått och guld, känns så lyxigt! Tänkte därför tipsa om ett lack jag köpte igår. Det är från Lumene Natural Code, nr 33 "Trouble Maker". Lite gråblå bas med miniglitter i guld och kornblått. Har inte hunnit testa det på naglarna än, men i flaskan ser det fint ut! Hoppas verkligen att detta är ett av de lack från Lumene NC som är bra i kvalitéen!

  11. Jag säger det nu istället; JÖSSES!


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