Thursday, October 27, 2011

SFW! Butterflies

A nasty little post today, as my nails are nowhere pretty like this, but I still want to show them off - I am a sick person. A while back as I headed towards a longer series of work shifts, I did another one of my safe for work manicures. For that, I like the idea of stamping, because it just makes everything less boring. This time, I did little butterflies in two colors.

Yep, the butterfly on my index nail is kind of ...pale. The danger of being a sloppy stamper. Anyway, I used two H&M polishes that were pigmented enough, pretty average purple and fuchsia colors, then finished off with CND Crimson Sparkle. Actually the sparkle doesn't look very good at all on my stained, bare nails, but this is what it looked like so it's what you're getting. Rather cute shit, not very me at all, but fine for work.

I'd also like to point you to Just Nice Things today, as I'm featured for the 20 questions they do regularly every week. In case you get off on that sort of thing. Read it here!

Swedish word of the day:
fjäril -noun butterfly
I like them.

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