Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dads and their girls

Less talk, more peekshurs today. Daddys Girl (their spelling, not mine) from Sinful Colors.

Sheer as h*ll, I did four very generous coats of this flecked jelly - determined I'd use it alone and not layer it over some other purple shade - hence the slight retraction from the tips (ugh). Surprisingly, with another very generous coat of my favourite quick dry topcoat, it all dried pretty much dent free within a reasonable time frame. Also, my nails had this armor, sorta, a thick shield of protection, that lasted a lot longer than I had expected. Almost like if I had gel enhancements.

I'm sure you've seen this one a million times before, but I don't really care. It's a nice one, even though I think I might want to layer it the next time I use it. You know I can't resist duochrome flecks like these, right?

Swedish expression of the day:
pappas flicka daddy's girl
I guess I'm one of those.


  1. Those flecks are really stunning and I also love them

  2. This is such a pretty color...too bad it's so sheer! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for this one.

  3. I wouldn't recognize this one. I used to have it, but I gave it away, because it was so damn sheer. Mine was more cool toned, more blue...

  4. I have felt like purchasing this polish many times but heard that the formula was very sheer. I'm not a huge fan of layering and didn't feel like applying 3-4 coats either...
    The color is lovely though; it suits you really well.

  5. Gorgeous color, shame it's so sheer! Looks great on your hands...

  6. Love it. Daddys Girl is definitely one of my favorite colors done by Sinful Colors. ^_^

  7. Olá,vim conhecer seu cantinho e já estou super seguindo!
    Parabêns pelo Blog e sucesso pra ti!

    Se quiser me fazer uma visitinha,será muito bem vinda e se quiser seguir também,sinta-se em casa!
    beijinhos no core!


  8. Alltid när jag precis har beställt en bunt lack från någon sida ser jag någonting mer jag vill ha, och skulle beställt. Next time :)

  9. Ahhhh, saw this on sale last night for less than $1. For that, I will try it! Nabbed it!


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