Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Depend fall 2011

Breaking for another new collection. Just in - Swedish Depend's latest offerings. Check them out.

253: Greige type of color with pearl/frost finish. 254: Blue creme on the warmer side. 255: Bright turquoise with pearl/frost finish.

256: Muddy taupe creme. 257: Nude-ish creme. 258: Washed out plum purple with pearl/frost finish.

259: Dark forest green with pearl/frost finish. 260: Army green creme of the cooler variety. 261: Pink creme.

262: Black with pearl/frost finish. 263: Pig like pink nude sorta creme. 264: Berry creme.

Here they are on wheel, two coats each, first in sun:

...and in the shade:

Noteworthy: this finish that recurs in this collection is... Weird. It's not a frost, nor is it really a pearl. Maybe closer to frost, but still not. The interesting thing about this finish is it dries semi-matte, like it seems all Depend's polishes with this finish have done lately. I think these will be better without a topcoat (like they're presented here), but with ...not so much.

In the press release, Depend uses color descriptions as lilac purple and jade green. I can't see any of that here, but we all perceive and refer to colors differently. I do believe they think of 258 as the lilac (the flower, syrén in Swedish, comes in different colors of course), and 260 as jade, but it really is too greyed and dark to resemble the stone most of us think of. I'd say it's a camouflage - it's too cool toned to be olive. Depend also mentions a powder pink. When I hear that, I think of a light, slightly warmer, but pastel, pink. I can't find that either, though I'm thinking maybe they're aiming for that with 263, which I find to be a terrible shade, and can't imagine it actually flattering anyone's skintone - it's really pig like. No, that's an insult to pigs, they're dears.

If you're looking for good one coater staples, then I may point you to the dark, muddy taupe 256, which has that odd badly mixed pigments close to the bottle glass that some of the fall OPI's did, but it seems blended in the middle and ...yes, covers in one coat. The green 260 and the black-weird-finish 262, as well as the berry 264 covers great as well. All other need two coats. Some of the cremes were really thick, even thicker than usual, and don't level out as well as I'd like them to, so the thinner bottle may come handy when using those.

Overall, very little color for a Depend collection, but probably going well with the fall trends - as usual. Nothing really new or fantastic, but may make some great staples or just new colors to the average person.

Are you feeling any of these? Me neither. I'll use these as safe colors when needed. But holler if you'd like to see full swatches of any.

Swedish word of the day:
skitväder -noun crappy weather
It's closing in on us.


  1. They are very safe colors. Though not horribly boring. Thanks for the swatches


  2. I'm fine with most of them actually. Not a big hello, but still aiming my target. But I love the drawings in the background :o))))

  3. Great colors - look fab on the color wheel. I like they are update, not a dog in the bunch. I also like that some have the trendy dustiness to them. The latter might just be the lighting. Wish we had this brand in the states! I need to form some good trusting friends in Scandinavia/Europe so we can mail polishes exclusive to our regions back and forth!

  4. Forgot to add, the size and shape of the bottles in this brand are the same used by Urban Decay for their mini polishes. It's a good size for me when I have now such a huge stash and will only end up using most polishes 2-4 times if that much unless it's one I am really crazy over...there have been some in my day that I have been through 4 bottles of - I think the record for me was years of summer toes sporting OPI's Pompeii Purple. I still love it but have a huge range of fav summer toe shades now that need loving and share time. Also, I think maybe OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia has taken over for my fav summertime fuchsia/magenta toe shade.

  5. Oh, come on, Depend comes to Slovenia and I'm not feeling their new collection?? That can't happen! It's something about the finish I'm not really loving. I think I'll get 259 and 260, just because. If nothing else, I can use them for stamping. Thanks for showing them to us. :) PS: the best background evah.

  6. Maybe it's just because i'm on a glitter kick lately, but i'm not overly excited about any of these colors. they're not ugly, just nothing i'd be anxiously wanting to add to my collection.

    side note: in america, "Depends" is a well-known brand of adult diapers, so i couldn't help but think of it while reading this post :P

  7. Hey do they sell these internationally? Can these be bought online?

  8. 259 and 262 would be fun to see full swatches of :)

  9. Dom två gröna ser superfina ut, crejvar mycket grönt på sistonde så dessa hade passat super!

  10. Well, they're nothing too special, but I really like the 256, 259 and 260. Hope to see them in our stores soon, I might get some of them.


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