Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Readers' choice: China Glaze Gussied Up Green ...and more

Another week, another request! This time it's Deborah's turn to see her choice: China Glaze's almost legendary Gussied Up Green, from the collection we all love, namely Rodeo Diva, launched for fall 2008.

Was this two or three coats? I shot it yesterday, but I have already forgotten. Does it matter? It's pretty no matter how many coats. Not my best photos, but getting the focus in the right spot took some gymnastic skills dammit.

Om nom nom.

Also, I decided to add some craziness (huh) to this post. Rodeo Diva is actually one of few, if not the only, collection I own as a whole - including ones I have gotten for review, because I usually pay forward the ones I don't want for myself, to pink and peach loving friends and such. But Rodeo Diva: just too much nom not to have all of, and come on, it's China Glaze - they're cheap! And good.

I had a sudden urge to get my dotting tools and do one of those "all one single collection" dotted french manicures. Ahem. Just that I couldn't find use for all of them, but I ended up using eight colors here. Can you spot them?

Some of the photos have been slightly over exposed to enhance the colors - they're dark!

Looks kind of christmas-y, but that's okay. Or maybe like a set of precious stones? Also, clownish crazy, but I guess there are sometimes clowns at rodeos. No? I wouldn't know, I'm Swedish. I just love the colors.

Swedish expression of the day:
uppklädd till tänderna gussied up
uppklädd -adjective dressed up
till -preposition to
tänderna -noun pl. teeth
You just never know when you'll need this phrase.


  1. LOVE the dotting you did on this one. Would be fun to see CG issue a re-release of some of the big favs similar to what OPI did summer 2008 when they brought back a collection of former hits. There would be at least 1 shade from the Rodeo collection

  2. I got Branding Iron and it is in my untrieds box :-O
    Looks great on you!!

  3. Ahhh I just got a polish boner. So gorgeous!

  4. Rodeo diva is a great collection, I only own Wagon Trail but sooner or later (overseas order required) I will get a couple more - some of your "dots" have really interesting shimmers!

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed how you did this. I liked the green before and then with all the little dots it's so cute. I wish I was better at painting my nails because your's look so professional. I would never think to wear this color, but now I would.

  6. This color is so YOU. I like it a lot. Not with the dots though. =D The last photo wins. I can see you!!! XD

  7. Gussied Green is my fav polish from Rodeo Diva Collection (I love it! One of the best collection ever!).
    Your dots mani is really funny!

  8. Gussied Up Green is so gorgeous!!! I love the Rodeo Diva Collection so much! <3

  9. Yaaaay for swatching this, thanks! I must have this polish!


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