Thursday, August 25, 2011

Non-prismatic white

Dark and grey weather in Stockholm today. That leaves one with two options for manicures: creme or duochrome. Yes! Because duochromes photograph better away from the sun. So of course, now that I had the chance, I picked one. Also, because I'm heading to work for another shift tomorrow and needed something slightly feminine. Though, of course, what's feminine or not is open for debate. Anyway, here's another Essence Holografic, the non-holographic, non-prismatic, but duochrome Prism@tic White.

Uh-oh... Out of focus.

Three coats. Light teal to pink shimmer in sheer white base. Prone to bubbling, so be easy on the coating! My DSLR handles the colors a whole lot better though:

Purrteh. Better in reality. Thank you for this one as well, Roze! [heart]

Swedish word of the day:
vit -adjective white
So simple.


  1. I just purchased this one, good thing I saw your post, I was having doubts about it, it looks gorgeous on you!

  2. You luck folks who have access to Essence....the rest of us in the world are major jealous.

  3. BTW - it's gray here too on the northern coast of CA - fall seems to already be making some appearances - the light is starting to be different and we have the first of some types of leaf change - though most of what grows here are evergreens

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love whites and I need this one!

  5. This is a beautiful white. I think it'd be a great background for konad as well :)

  6. This one is cute <3 Have you got Gagaletric as well?

  7. This so gorgeous and soft !

  8. Sarah B.: Yes! Coming at a later date. ;)


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