Monday, August 29, 2011

H&M news and more...

According to the ongoing poll at the top of my right sidebar →, more than 80 % of you like haul posts. 7 % don't, so if you're one of them, you may just skip this post!

I thought I should take the opportunity to show you what I got at my local H&M the other day, as I found a whole bunch of sets and other news in the polish department - new to me that is, maybe not to some of you. I got two sets and two others:

The four in the upper left is yet another one of those seasonal mini sets, Summer Nails. There were two sets last year as well, and there is another one this year that I didn't get, consisting of pastels. We had a couple during the spring too. The other set is the five polishes to the top right. Mostly generic colors, but also one that I really had to have:


And these were the ones that looked decent in the Summer Nails set:

As usual with H&M bulk polishes, intriguingly named Yellow, and get ready for this: Metallic Blue. Metallic Blue is of course not metallic at all, but a sheer aqua glassfleck sorta thing.

The other two are Dazzling Jade in the mini bottle, which is very similar to another one in the set containing Mustard: Petrol, and Naughty N'Nice (Swedes involved again?), which is a pretty generic metallic steel grey that looked much more interesting in the fluorescent lights in the store than it does in natural light...

And a few more I got during the weekend:

Estée Lauder Metallic Sage - you realise I couldn't resist this one, right? IsaDora Forest, one of three fall polishes from this continuously improving Swedish brand, and MNY 143A (sic), which looks awesome in the bottle but not so much swatched, as it's a sheer purple base with silver glitter. Might get interesting with excessive coating though! The glitter that has some base color over it looks blue.

Hope you enjoyed this haul spam!

Swedish word of the night:
flaskor -noun pl. bottles
They're so many.


  1. Oj! Ytterligare en ny nagellacksflaska hos H&M. Jag måste spana in dom där- de långsmala alltså :-)

  2. I vote for IsaDora Forest swatch! I got Bronze Patina, because I couldn't find Forest and I'm wondering if I *need* to find it anyways. ;) Awesome haul!

  3. I bought that set of 5 exactly for the same reason as you: I had to had mustard! Damn that there was no bigger single one of that colour but only the small one in the set :(

  4. Oooh I saw the H&M set too and Mustard caught my eye! didn't get it though but wish I did. I did however get Wanna Pepperoni. I hunted it down after I saw your swatch of it a couple of weeks back :-)

  5. Awh, jag har Naughty N'Nice på naglarna nu, och jag älskar den! Iofs har jag inte något liknande lack, men den blyertsgrå färgen är underbar. Och i vissa ljus ser jag skimmer i turkos och magenta, helt förtrollande ^^

  6. Haha, I do love hauls, and this seems like a good one. My only problem is impatience - I always want to see swatches immediately, so thank God for nail wheels! ;)

  7. These look so pretty together!!
    I kind of love the sleek bottle of those H&M's !

    ps: my captcha word was Toess lol...


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