Monday, July 4, 2011

Swedish summer

Quickie iPost to let you know that the alizarine is on vacation. I will be home again next week, and I have both polishes and my camera with me, so hopefully there will be lots of random posts.

Today I'm wearing China Glaze Cowgirl Up. It's fantastic, but guess what... No sun here.

I have fled to the woods in northern Sweden - Norrland. When the sun is present, this is a nice place.

I'm planning on spending at least one, hopefully sunny, day here:

And there's a dog. Svea is a lagotto, and belongs to my mother in law.

Until next time:

Swedish word of the day:
semester -noun vacation
Mine's now.


  1. Vilken fantastisk collection Rodeo Diva var! Jag är lite avundsjuk på dig som får åka på semester norrut! Var är du, om jag får vara så nyfiken? Jag bodde några år i norrland :)

  2. Have a great holiday! See you when you get home :)

  3. I hope you'll have a great time! :****

  4. Have a fantastic time on your vacation!

  5. The Nail Buff: Jag var i Norrmjöle, strax utanför Umeå. :) Jag bodde i Umeå ett år också, sambon är därifrån, så halva familjen finns att besöka där!


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