Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another vacational iPost, as I have already given up on doing actual posts on my summerish manicures. Today I'm wearing a bright dark purple creme - yes, bright and dark: Color Club Disco Dress.

Yesterday was partially spent on the beach.

Don't worry, there are sandy beaches in Sweden too, even in the north. My pedi might be purple and sparkly, but my mani was bright and sunny.

China Glaze Sun Worshipper. No fun application, but it compensates by being a lot of fun wearing.

We now have two doggies here. Ponyo is named after the Hayao Miyazaki character, and is the same breed as Svea, the dog in the previous post - a lagotto.

On the more sad side, I finally made arrangements to properly bury my beloved cat Sara.

She got her own little stone, and the girls went out to collect summer flowers to put on it. I have to confess: Sara was in a freezer in Täfteå, a small community north of the local town, for a year and a half. Living 600 kilometers down south of here made it a bit difficult to do it sooner, but now Sara finally got a place to rest. By a hedge of lilacs, close to the sea, and where we can visit her. Sara died at 17 years of age. I love her still.

One last photo. This is the summer evening in northern Sweden. Complete with electrical wiring. But still so pretty.

Swedish word of the day:
sommarkväll -noun summer evening
The last few have been cozy.


  1. It looks like something from an art movie... I didn't know about Sara. I know what it must have been for you. I buried a lot of my pets throughout the years. It doesn't really get any easier. Kiss

  2. Sun worshiper is a cool color, sorry about your cat!

  3. What a beautiful place and the pictures remind meof family vacation pictures from my childhood. (My Dad was an artist)

  4. Aww the kitty part made me tear a bit :/
    I am glad you managed to find a nice resting place for Sara :)

    Hope you enjoy your sunny summer days ((hugs))

  5. Continue to have a great holiday! Glad you hit good weather for it. Loving your purple fingernails. Fun combo to do what I like to do - go way different between toes and fingers but somehow tie them together so they don't fight against each other...least when they are showing - mid of winter no one sees them but for me!

  6. I love the pictures, they look like stills out of a classic old movie. I'm sorry about Sara :( Keep up the amazing posts!

  7. nihrida: No, it only gets harder. :/ I have buried hamsters and cats and whatnot, but Sara was the most difficult, she's been with me for so long. I took her home when I was 12. She had an eventful and sometimes less satisfactory life, but I always tried so hard for her, and her last home was great, I know that. She had this special talent, she could always sense when a human needed some comfort - if I was crying she would come to me and snuggle and lay on my lap and purr. :)

    MY*NAIL*DIVA: Thank you!

    Evil Angel: I created them with the lovely iphone app Instagram. :)

    Sarah B.: It wasn't my first choice, but sometimes you just have to adjust! Sara spent her last days in Umeå, so she went away there, and I didn't want to transport her down to Stockholm. Now she rests by my MIL's summer house - it could be a whole lot worse. :)

    beachgal: Same here - in Sweden no toes show during winter time. ;)

    up2d8onmyl1f3: Thank you, and I will! :)


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