Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love Doll

After the obvious anticlimax of having to take down the DS post, I'm going label free for today! Well, I guess you could apply a label to this one - Alizarine Claws. This is my latest franken creation, and I call her Love Doll. Go figure. Also, I suggest you magnify these photos, as this one was terribly hard to capture well.

Mmm. Two coats of bright barbie pink, filled with gold glitter! In retrospect, I think I should have made my Love Doll slighly more jellyish to show the glitter better, but it is there. And now you're thinking: what's new with that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But as I was closely inspecting one of my recent purchases, one of those typical pinks with gold shimmer, a bit towards pearly gold finish, I was contemplating why they don't make these colors more glitter instead of shimmer, and since I'm usually not in the pinks department, I just decided to make my own.

Said and done, I took out my bottle of Pure Ice Flirt Alert, the trusty franken ingredient Enchanted Holiday from Color Club's latest holiday mini set, a white creme, and a bottle of clear. I can't say for sure how much I used of each as I was tweaking a bit, but I was light on the clear and used only two drops of white to achieve the perfect barbie look (yes, I refuse to spell barbie with a capital b). I used quite some glitter, which would have shown up better had I used more clear. On the other hand, I'm sure all of you who are into pinks already own something similar, so my recipe may be useless.

Also, I wore this one to work, and it chipped like hell. So only use polishes you know work together!

Swedish word of the day:
docka -noun doll
Some are nice, some are naughty...


  1. Love the name <3 The shade is so cute also! But it's not what I expected from a franken creation from you. It's pink! But don't get me wrong, looks lovely on you!!

    What happened to the DS post? OPI asked to take it down?

  2. * nevermind about the question, just read the post!... The post list wasn't showing up when the blog first loaded.

  3. I love the slight glitter in the pink, definitely awesome!♥ I also tagged you with the Top 10 Award here - http://necessary-nails.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  4. Chipping - well guess that is why Frankens are hard to do. Regardless of the chipping you report, I love the color. Agree that more need to have glitter IN the polish vs. the frost they like to call shimmer that is so NOT shimmer in my book. You need to try layering some jelly with some various compatible flakey hollo kind of toppers. The flakey comes through the jellies/sherberts in a really lovely way. I think by the way, we all can let a little pink into our life in the summer. I too tend to not like pinks that much unless they lean to something really cool like this. It's showing on my monitor as a little coral in the pink. Is that just my monitor/the photo as they came out or? I have a super monitor that is for commercial graphic artists. But I can always tweak it so that it looks good to me, vs how the gama says it should be. But if it DOES have a touch of coral in that pink - that makes it more OK in my book as I am so not a Barbie pink kind of gal. Fuchsias yes, Barbie pinks - nope!

  5. Swedish word of the day - I can remember my grandmother (who only spoke Swedish and next to no English at all calling me doca. There was something she used to call us kids that I would have to look in a translator program how it goes...but basically it was 'poor little girl' and 'poor light boy,' when we were hurt or just if we were complaining when we really had no good reason to whine. She was a sweet hart. She understood English better than she let on! I cannot recall very many ? looks on her face when we would speak. So wish that I had been brought up bi-lingual. I had a Swedish pen pal (when we used to write letters and send them air-mail - dating myself here)...she had to know 3 languages well as required by school. Is it still required today in Swedish schools?

  6. I need to take some of my not so used/loved polishes and perk them up with some creativity. I don't have any bottles to Franken with however.

  7. Sarah B.: Diversity within the brand line. ;) But not unique enough to come from me, I'm afraid. :/

    beachgal: It's actually not so much coral, as it is a brighter hot pink leaning color. If you have or have seen Pure Ice Flirt Alert, that's pretty much the color. :) I work on a Mac, so the way colors show up on my monitor are usually close (unless otherwise stated in the post - due to my camera). When I grew up (I was born in 1980), we were required to learn English in school, except for learning our Swedish well, of course. However, it's not uncommon to read another or even two more languages after age 13, but not mandatory. In my early days, the languages we had to choose from were mainly French and German, but these days we may also choose from Spanish, Russian, some classic languages (Latin and/or classic Greek), and many adults use their spare time to learn additional languages, not seldom Italian. Since we don't speak a world language, learning a few more is usually helpful!


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