Sunday, March 13, 2011

We sure can do pink

A few weeks ago, news hit Sweden that a six-year-old boy had been bluntly stabbed in or close to his neck, as part of long time bullying. What were his sins, you may ask? He was fond of the color pink. And nail polish. And ballet. He liked dressing up.

So, I thought, what better way of showing support than go all pink for a day? This is the manicure I did.

The creme base is an H&M polish that came part of a mini set last summer, with all supposedly neon colors - this one in particular named Neon Pink. Not really neon, but a nice bright pink. On top, I did two coats of OPI's I Juggle... Men from the Femme de Cirque bridal collection, soon to be released. (Cammi already showed it to you here.) The shimmer is very nice, I just wish it wasn't so sparse. But I guess these pastel bridal collections aren't targeted at people like me to begin with.

To go along, I attempted some pink makeup. Too bad I suck at shooting eye makeup, because the photo below doesn't show nearly close to what really went on. But again, this could be due to my camera hating on magenta.

In reality this was really wham pow, and I used Halo from MAD minerals in the inner corner and for highlighting. I did the crease in All Girl from MAC, and the lining is another MAD pigment, called Big Apple - a hellishly saturated hot magenta. My eyeliner is my trusty Perversion Liquid Liner from Urban Decay, and I always use my beloved 38° mascara from Kanebo. I can't really say what's on my lips, 'cause I smeared on a shitload of this and that, but I do know there is a hint of that magenta Lip Flash pen from Milani, covered in a cutesy pastel pink from Dutch brand Hema, that Michèle from Lacquerized sent me a while back.

Also, this is the makeup I'm wearing on my twitter avatar. The filter effect, from the iPhone app Instagram, actually enhanced the true colors of the eye makeup!

Now, don't you dare hating on little boys who play with stuff other than cars, or girls not digging dolls!

Swedish word of the day:
jämlikhet -noun equality
It goes both ways, you know!


  1. OMG you are so gorgeous! I thought your nails were beautiful, but you are stunning! I'm not really a pink person, but this is a perfect reason to wear pink proudly!

  2. Great photos. Lovely. And I agree 100%.

  3. My dad got my little bro some sneakers last summer, girls sneakers. Dad didn't even notice they were, but my little bro was horribly upset and bluntly refused to touch them, just because they had a hint of purple and a flower on the soles. School socialization...? :(

  4. That poor little boy. :( I hope they caught the people (or kids?) that did that.

    Your nails are pretty, and so is the makeup. I'm not a big pink person, but it looks great on you. :)

  5. Aww that poor little boy! Bullying is just the worst!

    Love the pink polish! Looks fabulous! And your eye makeup looks gorgeous!
    What a fabulous idea!

  6. that poor little boy! my thoughts go out to his family and friends in this sad sad time.

    on a lighter note WOW! how pretty you look! love the nails, can't wait to have a play with I juggle men! it looks stunning

  7. Aww poor little boy! Such a shame. :(

    I love the makeup and the nails. :)

    You are so gorgeous!!! :D

  8. Some people are really sick. I can say nothing else.

    Love the make up, you're gorgeous.

  9. That's so terrible what happened to that little boy...people need to learn to accept others for who they are. It's really scary that it was little kids who did it too.

    But your nails and makeup and face are all gorgeous! Ahh so many nail bloggers are so pretty.

  10. I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous!

  11. You gorgeous woman.
    I really like pink on you !

    No comments on the little boy's story...some people are unbelievable...

  12. that's so sad! everyone needs to see Ma Vie En Rose

  13. This is so horrible! I seriously wonder why kids have no bigger problems than bullying other kids into a role model.
    What a proud way to wear pink! And you are gorgeous!

  14. Vad vacker du är! Och så har du ju helt rätt, men det behöver jag ju inte ens säga.

  15. Poor kid :(.

    Btw you are stunningly gorgeous! And I love your septum piercing <3.

  16. Wow, that's harsh! :(
    Wearing pink nail polish is a great way to show support for the anti-bullying case!

  17. A collective thank you to all of you girls for your lovely compliments! <3


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