Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sorbet dots

Or jelly shots? I finally figured out a way to use the so called sorbets from the OPI Texas collection. I wasn't too keen on them, and felt they were too much alike, too classic color like, too... Old. Renaming a widely known finish doesn't make it new. Especiellay when you can't come up with new colors. That being said, I sometimes do enjoy a classic color on myself, and for my first real sorbet manicure I chose the only one I knew I would wear eventually: Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em.

Three coats. Of course there was no sun. And hot pink? More like cool berry. But... Wait. What's that on my edges?


Hmm... Yeah. That's right. I used some of the other sorbets to make a very subtle dotted effect.

Almost invisible in poor lighting, and of course, of course, even more invisible to my camera than to the eye. But it's there: the largest background dots in the coral Big Hair... Big Nails, some smaller dots in the beet Houston, We Have a Purple, all finished off with even smaller dots in the orange Y'All Come Back, Ya Hear?.

This was the most color accurate I could do, on that cloudy day:

I used dotting tools that I got from the Born Pretty nailart supply store.

These were the ones I used, nicely pointed out with the arrows:

They are all double sided, and the ends you can't see here are all in the same size, identical to the white tool - which really makes it redundant. But sure, sometimes you do not want to mess with both ends at the same time, I guess.

And this is an additional shot of what this manicure looked like most of the time when the sun wouldn't shine on me:

And then - lo and behold! - the sun came out! Regretfully after a work shift which of course scratched the surface pretty badly.

Yes, after a work shift - in a nursing home. You know, I still wipe old ladies' asses for a living. I wash my hands all the time and use strong desinfectants, still, this manicure survived not only the one, but two work shifts with no chips. No chips! Apparently, these sorbets aren't all that bad. With wear like that, you can build a pretty solid fanbase.

Swedish word of the day:
prick -noun dot
I know you're giggling now!


  1. LOL @ the swedish word of the day. Ahh it's such a better language than english.

    And I like the dot thing!
    I've also seen some people do a nice color gradient thing with these as well.

  2. So pretty :)
    I just got my sorbets today :)
    They are so shiny and yummy! I wish OPI would make a chartreuse and a cobalt blue sorbet <3

  3. Beautiful colour, and the idea of the orange dots is really nice :)
    Have a nice day!


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