Monday, January 10, 2011

Stolen content

A short public service announcement:

Apparently there is yet another blog that profits from stealing content from other, legitimate, bloggers. Several of mine and Cammi's posts have been republished without our consents, down to every last character of the posts in question. Since we have a tight and nice community, we all know it's no use attempting such a thing - there are always sharp eyes open and heads up to notice if content has been stolen from a wellknown blogger. And I believe I speak for all of us when I say I value the sense of companionship we share among us.

We also know that the blogs attempting to make a name, or more likely, acquire product samples from companies for free, showing off the work of others will die a quick and painful death. And we know it's none of our own, because we know the foolishness of such attempts.

This little debacle gives me a reason to further explain my policies regarding immaterial ownership. I do not mind sharing my work with others. If I did, I would never have started a blog in the first place. I would like to point out that you all have my full consent to save any of my work to your hard drives, for personal use, and sharing with friends (even though linking is just a whole lot easier); I believe in the freedom of information and the right for an individual to use it for their own personal purposes or recreation. I will also most likely agree for you to republish any of my content after obtaining my permission, if I am credited for my work.

What I do not tolerate is republishing of my copyrighted material without permission, for commercial use, or any kind of profit, i. e. on webshops or eBay. However, even this is open for negotiation, if you first seek my approval. You're more likely to obtain rights for commercial use if you own and/or run a business I support.

To find an agreement on any kind of use, please contact me via email.

All of the above applies to content published by Blogger user féline-alizarine. It is not applicable to content by other contributors to this blog (in most cases Cammi); as they are the immaterial rights owners of their own content.

Parts of this post will be published on a new page, which you will be able to locate below the page header.


  1. Wow. Don't people realize how small of a world we live in?

  2. I'm still amazed that someone actually wants to steal my pictures :)

    But I agree with the above.

  3. I can't believe people do this. It's so sad and also really stupid because the pictures are so recognisable!

  4. Oh wow, cant believe people are still doing this after so many "scandals" on this topic...
    When are people going to learn that bloggers only get recognized when they are original. And also...plagiary is a crime.

  5. Glad we are all out there keeping it real! Unbelieve-able what people do *shakes head*

  6. Men gud så himla dumt, har varit mycket sådant på svenska beautysiter på sistonde. Folk som stjäl andras EOTD's och laddar upp dom till tävlingar osv. Man får reda på det till sist and then comes the shitstorm :p

  7. Word! I can't understand why someone would go and steal someone elses posts or photos... it doesn't make any sense to me. BTW: I missed you and I wish you all the best in 2011. To you and your family. ***

  8. Most popular blogs are affected by this, but I can't understand how you can be pride of yourself when you publish other peoples creations. What does these people try to achieve by stealing is beyond me. It's one thing to steal a purse, but intellectual materials? Hope you got in contact with them and scared the living daylight out of them ;-)


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