Sunday, November 21, 2010

Teal me what you think!

That post title has some serious Suzi quality! Not only is it a pun, it's a terrible one. So, to compensate for my failed navy blue jelly manicure, I put on Teal from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I'd say this is two coats. I seldom manage to do one coaters in just one coat... Ehrm.

In the dreary Swedish un-sun (this is known as a Norrlandish negation, a way to bend the language typical for the northern regions of Sweden, where you just undo the meaning of a word by putting un-, or o- in Swedish, in front of it) it looks mostly blue. But I suppose there are some hints of green to it.

You may compare its looks to some other teal cremes here.

Swedish word of the night:
oi -adjective (from o- negation and i in) not in


  1. Hahaha, oi.. ja den var ny även för mig ;)

  2. I like the way un-sun sounds :P
    Teals are always pretty :)

  3. It's beautiful. I'm in such a teal mood right now, wish I had more.

  4. Really beautiful! Like you nail shape, too

  5. Haha that is a pretty Suzi-worthy title but it made me smile. I do like that color, but it's n ot unique enough for me to spend the money.

  6. Sarah B.: Maybe you'd fit right in with the northern Swedes. ;D Or, again, maybe not, since it's everything but Brazilian, weather-wise. lol

    alluring_mum: Thank you. :)

    Aurora's Nails: I would never have unless the sale was going on. :)


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