Friday, November 19, 2010

Purple makes me panic least when it comes to photographing it, and it's a neon. These photos are supposed to show Purple Panic from China Glaze, but they sure do look pink...

Still pink... Underwater trick? OK, here goes:

With flash on top. At least you can see the pretty blue shimmer!

And without the flash (grain isn't shimmer this time):

Probably the least color inaccurate.

But you know me now, don't you? I need these pretty neons to perk me up during this dreary season.

Another thing that really picked me up the other day was The Story of Anvil. Anyone in need of a feelgood documentary needs to see this one! And any old school metalhead too, of course. You'll laugh so hard, feel so embarassed, and probably cry too, and it's all set with this classic:

Although I firmly advice you to view this clip instead. It's the classic live clip from Japan back in the day! (Embedding is prohibited - boo.)

Now, a good, bright and happy friday night to all of you, dear readers!

Swedish word of the day:
hårdrock -noun metal
That's how we translate it into roughly the same meaning.


  1. That's a gorgeous color !
    Is it still "findable" ??

    I'm glad you're going for bright colors missy!! :*

  2. Holy cow! i want this polish!

  3. Åh, det var länge sen jag såg den här snyggingen på bild. Älskar det här lacket!

  4. Otroligt härlig men definitivt rosa på min skärm. Lilarosa! ;D

  5. This purple surely looks pink. And it reminds me of CC Ultra Violet. Good music!

  6. Ja, lila är hopplöst att fotografera. Min kamera vill hellre göra lila till blått, och det är så frustrerande...

  7. Very pretty color! And awesome idea taking a water picture!

  8. Sarah B.: Yes, I got it from head2toe beauty. :)

    Sminkan: Det ÄR lilarosa, men inte lika lilarosa som kameran vill göra det. :D

    nihrida: You know what, that was exactly what I was thinking when I wore it: this is what I WANTED CC UV to be! (But it wasn't.)

    NailsbyNoir: Ja, mörklila tenderar att bli blått och mer rödlila blir rosaaktigt, det är för att det är magentafrekvensen som tydligen verkar knepig för kameror att fånga. :/ Jag är emellertid åt helvete för keff på fysik för att kunna redogöra för detta på ett korrekt sätt. :D

    Aurora's Nails: I owe it all to a girl who hangs out on a cat forum I'm also a member of. LOL


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