Thursday, October 14, 2010

MNY 757

I just can't seem to figure out any decent titles for my MNY posts, it seems. Maybe it's the lack of imaginative names that causes my lack of imaginative post titles... It would be rather safe, but boring, to bet money on that.

Anyway, here's the one called 757. A paler olive green pearly shimmer.

This polish has two major problems. The first is that it is very sheer. This is three coats, and even though there's no apparent visible nail line, there's plenty of see-through spots at the tips, visible when holding the hand to a light source. The other problem is the finish. I dislike it. I can't say I hate it, because every now and then I use finishes like these simply because the colors themselves are very nice. But when you're in the midst of painting your nails with a polish like this one, you really start doubting whether you'll be able to keep away from that tempting remover bottle or not. And yes, this polish does dry a little streaky, as you can tell if you look closer, but that's nothing compared to what it looks like wet.

The obvious con of this polish is the color. You know I love my golden, mossy, olive greens. This one is more olive than both mossy or golden, but it's in that color family I have become known (?) to adore. So I'll forgive MNY the horrible formula (yes)/streakiness/finish/sheerness, only because of the color. Had it been a blue or purple, I wouldn't have.

Swedish word of the day:
språk -noun language
Because my daughter got to pick the word for today...


  1. Sheer or not, it's a beautiful polish!

  2. Lovely colour! It actually reminds me alot of Sephora OPI's Leaf Him at the Altar- maybe a little more yellow. I hate it when you get lovely colours and the formula is hard to work with! :D Great post!

  3. That looks totally gorgeous on you! And thanks again for the lovely gifts! :)


  4. It's a beautiful color, and I like the way you make your pictures of the manicure. Wonderful Nails!

    best wishes from Austria,
    Petra :)

  5. Hebridean Sprite: It's actually quite different. :) Leaf Him at the Altar is metallic foily, this one is pearly, no metallic feel to it at all!

    Lina: Don't mention it, I just wanted that stuff to find a happy home! :D

    MrsPetruschka: Thank you for your kind words! :)


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