Monday, September 13, 2010

Toe flirting

I'll try not to repeat myself much more than this: it's now fall in Sweden. My toes are tucked away in closed shoes, and therefore my toe nails are slightly shorter to fit into them without discomfort. But I'll still dare myself to show you my current pedicure.

This is Pure Ice Flirt Alert, as chosen by my crazy-about-all-things-pink daughter, with two coats of Nfu Oh 40 on top. A little less dramatic in contrast than I had been hoping for, but still rather pretty.

Swedish word of the day:
sko -noun shoe
Because they're "back in style"... Sorta.


  1. Pretty! I always keep my toe nails short, even in summer. Started when I was running a lot and didn't stop even though I haven't been running lately.

  2. Pretty!!
    I can imagine a little girl wearing that :)

  3. I think the color looks lovely. :)


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