Friday, September 17, 2010

The Show Must Go On

Been singing that damn ol' Queen song all the time while editing these photos.

The Show Must Go On from OPI's Burlesque. There you have it. Do you like it?

I'm too tired to write anything redundant tonight.

Swedish word of the night:
gäsp -noun yawn
I'm struck every other second or so.


  1. How does this compare to the..ugh, don't even remember it's name. Wing it? Was that more pinkish?

  2. It's very pretty. I feel I have something similar already, though--maybe a Milani from this summer?

  3. Looks like a more restrained, but beautiful, version of Mac Bad fairy. Very similar!

  4. glargh! I love this. I really really do. my supply shop is waiting for their shipment. as am I. looks marvelous!

  5. Unbelievably gorgeous!!!
    I think MAC´s Bad Fairy is a dupe.

  6. This is the prettiest of the collection so far!!

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  8. Den är snygg. Helt klart ett av de tre jag överväger. Kanske måste ha den...

  9. schmut - wing it is much colder, more pink and has a blue shimmer!

  10. schmut: Cammi already answered this, but I thought I should add that I perceived Wing It! as a rather sheer glassfleck polish, while this one is only a bit sheer and has a foil finish.

    KarenD: Maybe one of the metals? I don't have anyone of them since my access to Milanis are limited, but I do look forward to comparisons made by those who do have both!

    Delfina: Quite possible, it seems like most brands come out with similar colors at once this year- makes me think some pigments are promoted by the manufacturers... And maybe on sale. lol

    Sminkan: Do it. ;)


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