Monday, September 27, 2010

Mossy times

I guess you had plenty of opportunities to find out fall is here in Sweden. Perfect time to try out this awesome gift I had from Kellie of Also Known As...! You know a girl knows you when she finds you another polish from your absolute favourite color group: the mossy, golden greens.

So, this is Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches. Britches?! I have no clue what that is. Some clever English speaking person may explain that to me some day. Still, this polish was an awesome experience.

It's weird, but from bottles the shape Nina Ultra Pro uses, I expect cheap polish. Maybe they are cheap, since I have no access I know nothing about the price, but I expect cheap quality polish in those bottles. Even though I have tried Purple-Xing before and loved it in every way. Does this sound weird?! I'm so prejudiced.

How pleasantly surprised was I when this one just glided on my nails! I had excellent control, drying time was great, and opacity was okay too- I tend to not expect much with these colors, many of my favourites take a trillion coats -this is my usual three coats just to be sure.

I luuurv this polish, I even wore it chipped to the recent OPI press release party, and you know as well as I do it takes some serious loving to do something like that. Thank you so much Kellie!

Swedish word of the day:
årstid -noun season
Because a new one is here. Again.


  1. Britches are pants... short pants, actually. Not really worn in America anymore, but quite popular in the 1800s. I just got this color too! Can't wait to wear it!

  2. I bought this color 2 weeks ago at Sally's for $3.99. It's a beautiful color but I had a really hard time applying it.

  3. Gorgeous! I live in the US and I felt the same way about the Nina Ultra Pro bottles. They are sold at Sally Beauty Supply and they cost about 4 dollars each I think.

  4. This is lovely, and very you!
    I love Purple Xing, I have to add it to my lemming list! They do look cheap, I agree w/you. But I don't care, PX is perfect!

  5. Underbar färg! Och apropå trött, jag läste Mossy bitches. :D

  6. i'm glad you like it! just thought it looked like something you would wear and guess i was right!

  7. try Guppy #77 - :>

  8. Wow, I totally read this as Mossy Bitches. Got it now! ;-)

  9. I know you have guppy 77 and nfu oh 125, could you pretty please make a comparison?

  10. Britches is what we in Norway call "nikkers", and as Elfin says, they are knee-lenght pants.
    This polish is gorgeous, by the way! Yay for Kellie! :D

  11. Thanks to everyone who explained britches to me! I did look it up before posting, but what I just didn't get was if there was some kind of pun I'm too stupid to understand, so therefore I assumed maybe it also means something entirely differentin American slang or whatever. Always a jungle to us foreigners! :D

    Sminkan: Känns lite mer okej dock att läsa britches som bitches, jämfört med att läsa glamour som Gunvor. xD

    kelliegonzo: Or lucky? :D <3

    sabbatha: Actually I own it and I have tried it. :) It's also featured in a post submitted after this one!

    Mary Ann: That's perfectly normal. ;D

    Solveig: You know, I've been trying for days to figure what we call them in Sweden! We have the capris, the clam diggers, the shorts... But wtf do we call britches here?! xD
    ...Knäbyxor. According to wiki. :D


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