Thursday, September 23, 2010

Common teal?

The other week I was in a teal green mood. I wore these.

Orly Viridian Vinyl, from the Plastix collection. Very nice. Nice color, nice application, and surprisingly nice wear for a matte. Though, not very nice to photograph- another teal green color hard to capture. Neither very nice to my nails, they got terribly stained. Also, please ignore the visible gel nail leftovers I've been too lazy to get rid of...

LA Girl Matte Alpine Green. Mmm. Love! I guess it's no secret anymore that I have a hot love affair with my LA Girl polishes. And another matte with surprisingly good wear. I'm starting to believe matte formulas may have improved a bit over the last year.

Essence Crazy Me. Another lovely color, gifted to me by my beloved friend nihrida. Unfortunately, this one wouldn't photograph very well either, and the lack of sunny weather did not help. But wearing it was a lot better!

Swedish word of the day:
kricka -noun common teal
Because words gotta come from somewhere.


  1. Alla är snygga, det måste jag säga. Men jag är inte så förtjust i matta lack ändå. Snyggast på andra.

  2. They are all very nice teal polishes :)
    I love teal too

  3. Snygga! Men vanlingen jag tycker inte om matte finish. Haha damn I really need to practice my Swedish! Jag alskar det Essence!

  4. Teal is one of my favorite colors. These are all lovely.

  5. Sminkan: De har en klar fördel: de är klart överlägsna om man måste gå hemifrån 10 min senare. ;)

    Aurora's Nails: Oh, you're good! :) Speaking other languages than your native is *always* hard!


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