Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new base to conquer...

So, even if I had a long lasting color on my tips, did you really believe I could stay away from my classic lacquers?! Of course not. So I decided, since I had a dark blue base, I might just as well go through parts of my dark blue untrieds stash. Here are a couple of the bottles I had put on hold.

Barielle Blackened Bleu. From the collection Michelle Mismas of All Lacquered Up got to do. And I say: WOW. I love polishes like this one. That glitter... Large shimmer flecks that reflects like crazy, even though the polish is a dark one. The base is charcoal. Needless to say I loved this, and my bottle had a good formulation unlike some of the creme bases I've tried from the company in question. However, if you don't feel like splurging and pay the $8/£8 (sic!) they cost, feel free to go ahead and pick up Robotic from the new NYX Girls line, available at Cherry Culture. Pricetag is less than half at $3.

Last week when we went to Skansen, I got really inspired by this little guy:

Look at him. All cocky (pun definitely intended) and speading his tail. He was at the time stalking one of his hens like crazy, and I almost felt like grabbing her, run and bring her to a shelter for abused women. If I had an admirer like that little fella, all obsessed with his looks and so so vain, I'd run faster than a horse.

Well, he still made me feel like wearing Nubar Peacock Feathers, which I had stashed away for probably almost a year?! Incredible, since it is so awesome. In the sun my camera wouldn't pick up the duochrome, but in the shade it worked out for me. Look at the photo of my index finger. There you can see all the colors: the dark blue base, the pink shimmer that bends into green. It is so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of the Nubar polishes formula wise, and Peacock Feathers of course is no exception.

So, how did the Axxium work as a base for other polishes? Terrific, I'll tell you. It may be the part I loved the most: I could easily apply colors on top of it, it stayed put without any chipping a lot longer than my normal wear time, and when I wanted to get it off, it was super easy, almost slided off, and I was left with... Tadaa! Colored nails! I could easily see why you would for instance want to do a work safe Axxium soak off gel, and use it underneath your spare time color choices. When you go to work in the morning you could just wipe your green polish off and have a safe white or pink manicure that looks like new.

Swedish word of the day:
påfågel -noun peacock


  1. Both are absolutely gorgeous!
    The wear time you get with acrylics and gels is what i love most about them!...well that and they allow me to have long nails when my body and hobbies wont allow it! lol
    Oh and thank you so much for your ridiculously sweet comment on my blog this morning! you are just an absolute sweetheart! thank you hun!

  2. Ohhhhhhh prettttty peacock! I love peacocks! and that polish rocks. I need to dig my peacock feathers out again

  3. Those are both beautiful colors! Don't tell anyone but my Nubar Peacock feathers is still in my untrieds.

  4. Wow, Peacock Feathers is wonderful!!

  5. Both are so pretty! Good to know the axxium works well. :)

  6. Can't beat a Nubar duochrome. Fabulous! :)

  7. Barielle Blackened Bleu minner meg om Chanel Nuit De Russe. Utrolig fin på dine negler :))


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