Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disco Inferno

Even though all the fall collections are being released and in the center of our attention, let's remember it is still summer! Here is a really summery one.

Disco Inferno, from LA Girl's Disco Brites collection. What kind of color is this? Pinkish? Red? Coral? Well, all three, I suppose. This one is so bright and so vibrant, it changes depending on the light. It is also supposed to glow in blacklight. About this I know nothing, since I haven't been in an establishment that actually uses those in years. Would be cool to try out! I believe this was three coats, although being a red-toned polish it applies so evenly that if you like having a visible nail line, you will even get away with one.

This is so not a me color, that's why I love it. Pure novelty. And maybe a bit because it's also super pretty and super awesome, as well as super cool. And bright. You get it. I know I have a fellow LA Girl fan in Sminkan (go take a look at her awesome, rich swatches!), and I agree with her, LA Girl is so much fun. I have said this before, but LA Girl is slowly turning into one of my favourite brands. They come up with all sorts of fun collections that all are very different from each other, and a lot of the time, they are only $2.80 at Cherry Culture. I highly recommend this brand!

Swedish word of the day:
specialeffekt -noun special effect
Because Swedish is still closely related to English, and still likes having its words put together!


  1. I'm so not fond of these pastel-ly, coral and turqoise shades out now. But hey,I'm odd!

    Btw, I just did CG Let's Grove on my nails. Is it really just me, or is the formula/brush totally hopeless? I need so much more on the brush than I'm used to, otherwise it goes all gooey, and it flows everywhere, making clean-up a total bitch... :S

  2. I recently bought a few LA Girl's polishes and Disco Inferno is one of them. I'm afraid that it'll be too bright for me. On your nails it looks great, so I have a hope :D

  3. This is quite summer-y! Neon watermelon, perhaps.

  4. The name made me sing Burn Baby Burn :o) I like the colour, it looks good on you.

  5. Ser jättefint ut på dig och jag förstår precis vad du menar, jag har knappt använt dessa rosa-korall-orangefärgade lack förr men i år har jag det. Först Nubars Coral-kollektion, sen de mer neoniga L.A.Girls. Och jag gillar det också för det känns nytt på mig. Jag har nog ine haft mer än ett rosa nagellack innan jag fyllde 35. Nu är det betydligt fler. :D

  6. I rather like that colour on you - though it's the kind I would never ever think to pick up.... tempted now.

  7. thanks for posting a summer polish ;)

  8. You're absolutely right. We (np junkies) always look half a year forward and wear winter nail polish in summer. XD
    I love the way this one (you're wearing on photos) looks in shade. LA Girl isn't one of my favorite brands, but I do love their price. Not the shipping price on Cherry Culture though. :/

  9. Dakrish: You'll get there in a few years...;) And about ChG, it's mostly a question about personal preferences, and maybe getting used to certain formulas. I have learned what to expect when opening a ChG bottle, and without thinking further apply it in a way that my bone marrow probably learned works. Just practice, and you'll be fine. Or, as in some cases, all brands, formulas and brushes do not fit everyone, sadly. :/

    Lili: You should try it! It was hard capturing, so maybe the outcome will be much different once you apply it. :)

    KarenD: I think you're right! :D

    Michelle: xD

    Sminkan: Du menar att vi blivit gamla? ;) Satt häromdagen och letade efter hot pinks... O.o

    Emybloom: Sometimes you just get some kind of blunt trauma to your head... Or you may believe you did. xD

    Crystaliciousss: You're welcome. ;D

    nihrida: There's a reason why I haven't worn a single one of my ChG VVs for example. I'm already tired of them. xD I'll get them out when fall is here and everyone else has stopped posting them... And as far as the shipping from CC goes, if I fill a cart up to $18 which I have always payed for TD shipping, I get 10-12 polishes. I think that's OK. :)

  10. Oh! I *just* noticed this one in a store today and waffled over it for the longest time. I bought three other polishes but am returning one so...looks like Disco Inferno will make a happy exchange!


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