Monday, June 14, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection - Yodel Me On My Cell

Another OPI Swiss thrown at you in the form of a full manicure! I simply could not resist...

You see, yesterday I tore off a huge piece of skin from my right index... All the way down to my cuticle. The immediate pain aside, I also realized I would not be able to use polish remover in a while. What else to do, than a full manicure and hope for great wear..?! Said and done. This is my usual sandwich, consisting of one coat of Nubar Foundation, three coats of Yodel Me On My Cell, all topped off with one coat of Nubar Diamont.

However, this polish was among the harder to catch on camera...

These photos have all been color corrected a tad. In reality, this polish borders a teal shade, but cameras prefer it entirely blue. And you know what? If you have seen Zoya Charla or OPI Catch Me In Your Net in person, you'll recognize the base color in this one. It's the same. But while the afore mentioned are specked with golden flakelike glitter, this one has a rich blue shimmer, making it appear blue in some light, and more teal in others. And just like with the summer shades from Zoya and OPI, this color just doesn't translate into photos. Especially in the sun, the camera washes all the green tint out of it. The base is also exactly as sheer as the other ones, but it still looks really good in three coats.

I tried to figure out dupes. The closest one I could come up with is the fabulous China Glaze shade Rodeo Fanatic.

However, Rodeo Fanatic has a bit more blackened base color, so they're not at all identical.

1. OPI Yodel Me On My Cell, 2. China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic.

In flash it's more obvious how the base colors differ a lot. Picture both of these way more teal than my camera is attempting to make them.

I have high hopes for this polish to make it to wednesday, in terms of wear, after I wore The Color To Watch a few days ago. Do you know how well that one stood the test of wear and tear? Almost 48 hours after application, which is a long wear time for me, and after some showers, two hairwashes and one bathroom cleaning without gloves, it still didn't have one single chip. No, there's nothing wrong with your vision, and no, I wasn't ironic. An OPI polish did not chip. Awesome.

Swedish word of the day:
måndag -noun Monday
Because today really is.


  1. Random question, but I'm looking for a really good teal - any recommendations for teal-licious shades?


  2. UHH!!! I feel like a HUGE BUTTHEAD! how did i miss your birthday?
    So sorry!

  3. Very blue/green polishes :)

  4. Snyggt men inte översnyggt, jag kanske till och med kan stryka den från min inköpslista. Det finns ju flera andra i den här kollektionen som jag faktiskt blivit mer sugen på.

  5. This is so beautiful! The blue/green looks great!

  6. Emybloom: Oh, that depends on what type of teal you want. :D Shimmer, creme, glitter? Green or blue leaning? Lighter or darker? :)

    Stiletto: You knew just as little as anybody else! :D I'm very secretive about my birthday. ;) And thank you! <3 <3

    Sminkan: Den påminner mig faktiskt en del om en gammal Depend, tror numret är 43. :D Fast mindre frost, mer skimmer. Lix.


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