Thursday, June 10, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection - The Color To Watch

I'm so, so sorry about the bubbles in this manicure! I hope you can enjoy these photos anyway!

Like I mentioned in my last post, this color is a bit sheer, and is hard to get opaque and even in a nice way. Shown is three coats with base and topcoat. It's not really visible in these photos, but there is some see-through spots (but not entirely bald ones) here and there, and I'm not sure it would have worked out that much better had I done a fourth and maybe even a fifth coat.

However, this is still a very pretty color, and, from what I understand, a favourite among the beauty people who got their nails manicured at yesterday's event. "Everyone just wants the purple..."

My most vivid association is with Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. They are not very close, but the idea is similar. Think of The Color To Watch as Scrangie's more polite kid sister.

Speaking of Swiss: earlier tonight we had a dessert called marängsviss, or Meringue Suisse in original, which would probably translate into Swiss Meringues. It's an old favourite in the household, and among Swedes in general. A classic marängsviss consists of meringues, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, but since my stomach does not tolerate cream, I pimp the hell out of my sviss and use vanilla and raspberry ice cream instead, and add sliced strawberries and bananas, the meringues of course, and top it all off with not only chocolate sauce, but also fudge sauce. Nice. And the whole family loves it equally!

Swedish word of the day:
gottegris -noun from gott -adjective tasty, and gris -noun pig: a person who's got a sweet tooth
Because I do.


  1. I love your swedish word of the day- the word "gott" in german means god xD

  2. :Q

    Such a gorgeous colorr! And that marangsviss looks like diabetes waiting to happen...I wish I had some. lol!!

  3. I hate the polish, but I love the sight on this dessert. I want it!!!

  4. amusedPolish: xD gott also means good, and God is Gud in Swedish, so I guess they all stem from the same word. :D

    ChaosButterfly: Haha! I know! It's terribly sweet and fatty, but I don't mind, since I don't have the diabetes gene in my DNA. LOL

    nihrida: Come on over and I'll make you some. Pwomiss! :D After a nice pasta treat of course... ;) Wanna get fat together? <3

  5. if I take any polish from swiss, maybe I'll take this.

  6. Oh my the dessert looks soooo goooood!
    I love the close-up shot showing all the details of the polish!

  7. Pah.. I can hardly see any bubbles! Love the colour

  8. @Feline: Sound like a good plan! XD

  9. ooh such a great color! love the duochrome effect!


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