Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glitters X

Probably long awaited by some- the post containing the red glitters. Is there really anything more glamorous?! Clickable photos!

Red glitter in red base: Color Club Yle Love It, Color Club Ruby Slippers, Zoya Delilah, China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

Gold flakelike glitter in red base: OPI Smitten With Mittens, LA Girls Rock Star Addict.

Miscellaneous red glitters: Studio M Slamming Red, NYX Dark Red Glitter, Essie Ruby Slippers.

Red flakies: Sinful Colors Red Ocean, Nfu Oh 59.

Well, Nfu Oh 59 is a purplish red base color really, but as I was sorting through everything, its overall look qualified it for the red pile.

Swedish word of the day:
diskmaskin -noun dishwasher
Because I just bought one. (Finally!)


  1. OMG those are some great red glitters. See my Pop Beauty Xmas on www.nailpolishuk.blogspot.com because that's a belter!

  2. If I stick my fingers through the screen will you slap a bunch of Slamming red on for me?

  3. I NEED Slamming Red & Sinful Colors Red Ocean!

  4. oh wow - So many red glitters, so much awesomeness!

  5. OMG i have been trying sooo muchhh to get a studio m slammin red and purple medallion i know they are made by the same has color club i found a dupe for purple medallion but not for the slammin red!!! i want i get it so bad!!!!


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