Thursday, May 6, 2010

Neon complement

My second last Transdesign haul was a complete order of neons. Ange made me want Color Club Warhol, and more than several bloggers made me feel a bad need for my very first ever coral polish. Though, a neon one- China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I also really wanted to check out the new Color Club neons in general. It's been said they are just the older ones renamed. So, I decided to stock up. This is what I got:

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Color Club Tangerine Scream (thanks, Evil, for making me lem this one), China Glaze Japanese Koi.

Color Club Edie and Age of Aquarius.

Color Club Youthquake, Jackie OH! and Warhol.

Now, what I wanted to know was if the new Color Club neons were dupes, or renames, of the few older ones I had. Sadly, I do not have that many... But the test bottle, kind of, that I ordered to compare, was Edie, which seemed like it would be the same as Wild Thing.

In this picture they look exactly the same. I was actually trying really hard and long to see if there was a difference. I felt that maybe, maybe, I could sense a slight difference.

Here we have Wild Thing to the left and Edie to the right. They are pretty darn similar, though, Wild Thing actually is a tad more green. It doesn't show up in my photos, so you can only imagine how slight that difference is. Bottom line: you don't really need both unless you're a collector.

Next. Maybe you noticed in one of the photos above, that my pinkish coralish (yes!) neons looked very similar. And yes, they are all in the same color range. I intentionally ordered ones that I though were close, because I wanted to find out which one I liked the best. You see, owning members of this color group is also very new to me. I own very few pink polishes, and as I declared before, absolutely not a single coral. Now, these may strike you as pink:

At one coat in the same order as above: Youthquake, Jackie OH! and Warhol. Bases look pink...

But look what happens once you have added three coats (which is sometimes necessary with neons):

In strong light, like in this case with flash, they appear... Tadaa! Coral.

What also strikes me, is that the bottle color can be deceiving. Like always. I had arranged these from more red to more pink. Well, I thought. Once you apply all your coats, the one that stands out as the most red is the middle one, Jackie OH!. Warhol is the most pink and looks completely pink in the bottle.

What I'm also curious of is how these colors appear on different skin tones. I'm caucasian, as most of you have figured out by now, and the one polish of these that I tried on looked coral on me. But do they look more pink on any of you?! Intriguing!

And here's the one. Jackie OH!, my favourite of the bunch, with a reservation of the color being slightly off due to our favourite non-photogenic pigmentation:

In early morning daylight.

And fullblown sunlight.

How do you perceive these? Am I out bicycling (as we say in Sweden)?

Swedish word of the moment:
brasklapp -noun reservation
Because this is an awesome word, originating from the intrigues around the Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520, where bishop Brask left a certain hidden reservation. The participant in the events who handed the Danish king a list of Dane hostile nobles, was the bishop of Västerås, who incidently was the brother of a forefather to yours truly...


  1. damnit. Now I need those turquoises

  2. Neons look great on you. =)

  3. Man, you guys are killing me with the neons! I didn't even used to like neons, now i NEED them!!!

  4. Oh, thank u so much for doing a side-by-side comparison of Youthquake, Jackie OH! and Warhol!!!

    I had given myself a headache from hours of surfing trying to compare these 3 colours to decide which one to buy. Nobody else had pics of them side by side!

  5. Thnx so much for giving out the news, I looked for it previously however could find this thing only celulares en china and now. Create more!


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