Thursday, May 6, 2010

Depend Summer 2010, part I

Oh yeah, I've been good. These fell into my mailbox this afternoon, and just an hour or so later I sat down on my balcony to swatch a few. These are the shimmers of the collection. Check 'em out.

195. Looked like it would be a turquoise in the promo images, but this is a sky blue shimmer. The shimmer is of the kind we've been seeing a lot lately, fine but dense silver shimmer, borderlining between frost and foil. I haven't got any polish like this, but I bet it's similar to a Sephora by OPI released lately. Shown is two coats, and if you do thick ones, that will be sufficient, if you do thin coats, use three.

163. One of two re-releases. This is a very nice purple, but nothing out of the ordinary. Something for collectors and those who don't have any purple shimmers like this one. It's lighter than the standard purple shimmer, but hardly unique. The shimmer is a nice magenta. Also, how you can tell this is a re-release: the formula sucks. It's sheer but gluey, and I did one thin coat and two thick ones. If the formula wasn't so unappealing, I would totally wear this one for a full manicure.

193. Raspberry frosty foil, same finish as 195, the trendy one. Nice application, two semi-thick coats.

194. Charcoal or black frosty foil. Same finish as 193 and 195. Very standard, nothing spectacular. I own way too many polishes like this one, but the formula is just as nice as the previous ones, and this is two coats. Could sell well as a pedi color for those who are not lucky enough to own a polish like this one yet.

Yep. The shimmer section. Left to show you: seven cremes. I have come to expect a lot from Depend's creme formula, so keep your fingers crossed that they didn't change it since the last few collections.

These were sent to me for reviewing purposes.

I have so much to show you peeps, but I'm in an insane hurry. I'm going away early tomorrow morning to the annual party conference and really should hit horisontal, but I have stuff left to do. Of course the neighbor's sweet 11 year old German Shepherd got sick while neighbor was at work, and I had to walk the poor dog around the block for a few times, as he's been suffering from severe indigestion problems after eating a couple fistfuls of leca pebbles. He's at the vet now, having exams and MRIs and whatnot. I had to put everything else aside to attend to him until my neighbor got home, and now I'm slightly worried about him. He is not a young doggie anymore...

While Abloy was trying hard to poo, my own business got behind. I was planning on another couple of posts, since I'll be away until late Sunday and won't be able to post, but I guess the rest will have to wait. Oh, and the manicure for the weekend will be Icing Blackout, and my toes were just done in Color Club Youthquake!

Swedish word of the night:
partikongress -noun party conference
Because apparently I'm heading to one.


  1. These are great swatches!! All of them look lovely!!!

    ~Nailstah (

  2. Those colours are all fantastic!

  3. I'll pass these. =) It's not like I can get them here anyway. XD

  4. Jag kan inte riktig sluta titta på den ljusblå. Är den så fantastiskt himmelsblå som den verkar? Vet du när dessa kommer till butik, eller finns de redan att köpa?

  5. nihrida: You don't know that. ;)

    Annelie: Min personliga omedelbara association var just himmelsblå, men sedan funderade jag på om jag på något sätt kunde få det till vatten av någon sort. Svaret blev i mitt huvud nej. :) Dessa ska enligt tillverkaren "snart" finnas i butik. Enligt mina erfarenheter varierar det väldigt mellan olika butiker när detta "snart" är...


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