Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little nails

The pretty daughter wanted to show her NOTD too! After picking all pink polishes yesterday, she decided later at night that she wanted blue instead. Mommy picked one that was an obvious blue and would dry somewhat fast (necessary on 4-year-olds).

Voila! Suzi Says Feng Shui. One coat only.

Swedish word of the moment:
gnällig -adjective whiny
Because I need to make her happier.


  1. My four year old loves nail polish too. Right now she's wearing China Glaze Sugar High because she's all about the pink!

  2. You picked the right color, IMO! Pink on a 4-year old girl is too obvious. =)

  3. Iggy thinks that looks nice but wonders -Where is her head?
    She herself is rocking Opi's Yes, I can can-can.

  4. Looks great on her!

    But I must ask you; I have this one myself but my bottle (well.. the polish obviously) is thick and goopy! IMPOSSIBLE to get it to look good! That's why I haven't posted swatches of it yet.. Just wonder if I got a bad bottle? :(

  5. Alisa and nihrida: Oh yes, lots of pink... I guess all girls must go through a pink phase, and Miranda has her now... Pink. Pinkpinkpink! So, I just let her have it. If I deny her those pink things, she'll only wear and decorate in pink as an adult! xD But she likes other colors too. :)

    schmut: If Iggy wants to see, I believe I have previously posted Miranda's manicures, along with her little head. :)

    Steelnpurple: That happens sometimes, but you can easily fix that yourself, just buy a bottle of nail polish thinner, and add one drop at a time and shake, until you have a nice and smooth polish again. :) I use OPI's thinner, it's about 150 SEK, or $4.04 (!) on TD. :)

  6. alizarine: I have the Seche Vite thinner, I wonder if that could do the trick?


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