Friday, April 16, 2010

A closer look: the greens stash IX

Today: the greens with gold shimmer. I have already shown you the ones from the BB Couture brand especially, but now you get to see all of them! Umm... Or the other half. Click images to magnify.

NYX Girls Luscious Green, BB Couture Caterpillar, BB Couture Iced Olive, BB Couture Universal Joint.

Revlon Street Wear Burnt, Guppy 77, BB Couture Grenade, Diamond Cosmetics Never So Evergreen.

Do I need to say I love these?! Another green that is so typical to me.

Swedish word of the day:
träkeps -noun wooden cap
Because you can now make your own conclusions.


  1. Okay seriously? You have every green! Awesome, I aspire to do the same with "blues" :)

  2. Jackie: Awesome, I have to check that out! :D


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