Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adina- the unanswered love

Adina doesn't love me back. Last night, she broke my heart for the second time.

We all know her by now. She is the beauty of the block. No, of the town. No, that's not right either, she is one of those super beauties, admired by everyone, around the world. And she lets us think we can all have her.

But believing that is fooling oneself. She is impossible to catch.

She broke my heart.

First application was a complete failure. Yeah yeah, I did her in the dark in front of the tv. Not very classy, I admit that. And right after applying the three coats needed for decent coverage, with Diamont on top, I remembered I had earlier lost my nostril stud somewhere in the bathroom, and went looking for it. Only to wreck the already gloopy, uneven face of the deceitful Adina. Immediate removal was calling.

Last night I tried her again. Maybe this time she would be nicer, and not try to play me like that. I was gentle, I swear. I applied her nicely in thin coats, went slowly. But when my mom called in the midst of applying the first coat to my left middle, she decided to go all sour on me. Can't blame her, an almost 30 year old, still bothered by her mother on a saturday evening! But still. When you just met someone, you'll just have to overlook certain things, right?

The second date was only a little less disastrous than the first one. Gloopy and uneven, she dried slowly. The mother-caused bump on my left middle remained, only a little less apparent than when fresh. Streaky and unflattering, she showed me her right face. Despite all the pretty ones she holds towards the official world, the ever changing beauty, looking good and true no matter what style she decides to take on that day. But she is false. She is superficial. Underneath the pretty multichrome surface, her soul is black, mean and unwilling.

I love her anyway. How can I not? I am a child of my time, I am easily taken by appearances. I love Adina. She just doesn't love me back.

Swedish word of the day:
smärta -noun pain
Because she is one in my application ass.


  1. I love Adina too...but alas, I have the very same issues with Zoya polishes. The only one that hasn't been a problem is the one matte I own. Yesterday, I fought with Barbie all day. ALL DAY. I finally won but even Seche Vite dried slower than usual. I got bubbles too. Bubbles come from a formula being too thin. Zoya is too thin. bleh. I think I'm done with Zoya.

  2. What a great post! =D

    But I think deep in her heart she loves you, I can see her true colors on your nails! ;)

  3. Elizabeth: Yeah, I can not believe that they haven't made an attempt at improving their formula, since I understand you and I are not alone having issues with Zoyas! The cremes usually work out decent for me, but the shimmers are impossible. Sure, most polishes will be hell for some people, but Zoya seems to have the all time record!

    Thess: I certainly hope so, even though I feel slightly f***ed. ;)

  4. haha, love this post!
    So creative !
    I was thinking abou buying this one...not so sure anymore...


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