Saturday, March 2, 2013

Depend Mirage

Over the last year or so, Depend have been releasing collections other than the usual spring and fall ones. Specialty collections such as magnetics, holographics, and now, ...shimmers. Let's take a quick look at Mirage.

Front to back: 2051 Shattered Silver, 2050 Shimmering Sand, 2049 Fairy White.

Front to back: 2052 Golden Black, 2053 Treasury Gold, 2054 Glistening Green.

Front to back: 2055 Bronzy Breeze, 2056 Razzle Rose, 2057 Beaming Berry.

Front to back: 2058 Sheer Violet, 2059 Starry Blue, 2060 Twinkling Silver.

First impression of this collection is that it is a rather nice one, and some shades are actually very alluring, in a weird, delicate way. However, is the 60 % increase in price really necessary here? This limited edition collection is already in stores, and here in Sweden they go for a affordable but less tempting 39 SEK (~6 USD) - remember, Depend polishes always come in 5 ml bottles.

If you'd like swatches of any in particular, just give me a holler in the comments.

These products were sent for review.

Swedish word of the day:
hägring -noun mirage
Watch out for dehydration!


  1. They look pretty! I would love to see 2052 Golden Black, 2053 Treasury Gold, 2054 Glistening Green and 2059 Starry Blue. I'm greedy and they look nice.

    1. Those were the exact ones I was going to request!

  2. glistening green is amazing! can't wait for your swatches!

  3. Har slutat köpa Depend faktiskt. Tycker det är tråkigt när de höjer priserna sådär. Och sen tycker jag att de torkar ut ganska fort, hinner inte använda upp dem innan de blir helt tjocka. Och svåra att tunna ut när flaskan är så liten + ingen kula..

  4. Som redan konstaterats, de mörkare och grönaktiga! :D

  5. Another vote for Golden Black!

    Do you know if these are sold outside of Sweden?

  6. Hi, I would love to see Golden Black (because it looks blue with golden specs which I love), Beaming Berry to break this foggy weather we have here and I also love Starry Blue


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