Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somewhere out in space

Attempting to break the silence with a massive glitter bomb! I haven't been proud of my nails lately, which partly explains the lack of new blog posts, and also why there are gigantic paw marks all over one of my nails in the photos below - let's just say there was an accident at work, involving a tumble dryer and, well, my nail.

The stubby ring finger nail in all its glory.

This is two coats of one of IsaDora's christmas offerings, Black Galaxy, topped off by two coats of a reasonably thick topcoat. It's absolutely gorgeous, but of course rather gritty. Especially apparent in the second photo, close to the cuticles, where the glitter tended to end up during application. I don't mind though, because it's not that bad on the rest of the nail, and the glitter makes it pretty forgivable. And sure we fancy us some holographic glitter in black!

If you're the least hesitant about my love for this type of glitter, see my space in a bottle comparison here. IsaDora's space bottle is the most reminiscent of China Glaze's Cosmic, but not at all as lumpy. I'm a fan of the IsaDora formula, and even if the wide brush was a tad more difficult to handle with all the glitter, I still like it more than I know some others do. As I'm writing this, I have worn the manicure above for about 48 hours, and I still don't have a single chip, just some slight tip wear on one of my thumb nails. This is good for an IsaDora polish on me. Still, I guess it's going off later tonight. Or tomorrow. Maybe.

Swedish word of the day:
Vintergatan -noun Milky Way
vinter -noun winter
gata -noun street
I like the Swedish name for our galaxy better, actually.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!
    Cosmic was a major disappointment, but this one looks so much better.

    Also, sorry about your fingernail.
    Mine is stubby too, thanks to a run in with a butcher knife on Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh wow. Now I need it. Which kinda sucks since Isadora polish costs over 9 euros here. :S But it's utterly gorgeous!

  3. Så vackert lack! Använde mitt för någon vecka sedan och får fortfarande frågor om "vart jag köpte det där glittriga lacket jag hade förut". Fick den frågan senast idag faktiskt :)

  4. Hm, jag kanske behöver BG ändå.. nu har du gett mig ännu en lemming. Growl!

  5. Tycker också bättre om Vintergatan. Kanske för jag bara tänker på den chokladen annars, som jag har fått för mig att jag inte gillar.. Haha. Fina naglar som alltid :)

  6. This one is soooo amazing! but I don't wanna spend 9€ für 6ml.... this is super expensive. even more expensive than OPI here in Germany!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that!!! Too bad we don't have Isadora in the U.S. :(


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