Monday, August 8, 2011

Readers' choice: Gallery Colours Black Sparkle

Time for another swatch request! This time, Rebecca wanted to see a polish she personally had the kindness to gift to me, from an English brand called Gallery Colours. Maybe some of my English readers can shed som light over where to find this in store? Otherwise, I think you're lucky if you do find it, at least outside of the UK! This one is called Black Sparkle, and is another take on a popular theme.

Two coats, if I remember correctly, but could be three. Black base with irregular red glitters. Only needs one coat of your average thicker, self-leveling topcoat! I think this one is even better than the classic from China Glaze, Lubu Heels, as well as its followers from Eyeko and Color Club (and I'm sure many else that I don't have). While we're on the topic, let's have a closer look.

First, bottle:

Then, comparison, with Black Sparkle added to the afore mentioned, previously compared on the blog.

Look, it actually stands out a little even in the shade! Black Sparkle to the left, followed by Lubu Heels, Red Velvet from Color Club, and Eyeko's Vampira Polish.

Check them out in the sun:

I think Black Sparkle makes a strong statement in the sun too! Its base is fairly well pigmented, but still sheer enough to show the glitter particles - at least it's not as sheer as Lubu Heels. Vampira is probably still the winner when it comes to opacity, but Black Sparkle has the prettiest glitter.

A good pick by Rebecca, and I thank her for it! [heart] Next, I'm wearing this as a pedi, for sure.

Also, I'm actually running out on requests! So if there's any you'd like to see in particular, then drop me a line via email, twitter or MUA mail! Available colors still accessible on the collection page below the header.

Swedish word of the day:
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  1. Yey, I suspected that it'd be a winner.
    I only own that polish so I couldn't compare it to other similar polishes, now I know that i won't need to buy another on the theme.

  2. Rebecca: Ooops, misspelled your name in the post... sorry! <3

  3. Jag har hittat ett par flaskor Gallery Colors här i Sverige, i sånna där små obskyra butiker där allt kostar exakt 10:- 20:- osv. Billiga brukar de vara också :)

  4. Ja precis som Cactus skrev så finns dem i Sverige för inga pengar alls.
    I min lilla by kan man hitta dem i en affär som heter M&M!

  5. anything black with sparkling is just perfect to me :-D

  6. I have that one too! I'ts my favorite one too, it's actually better than the more expensive ones!
    I have Vampira too and it's not as sparkly, the red isn't as obvious.

    Bought mine in Sweden too, in Örebro :)

  7. i can not get enough of polish with black bases and glitter.

  8. Very, very nice and sparkling black, the combo with red give's it a touch of glamourness.

  9. Jag blev kär i det här lacket och kände att jag måste ha det så jag kollade på och hittade det där för ca 10 kr/flaska. Eftersom det var så löjligt billigt köpte jag en hög till från samma märke. Ska bli spännande att se om alla är lika fina. Tips alltså till er som inte hittar det: ebay!

  10. Black sparkle is so much more richer :)

  11. This is really a great shade! It makes me think of one from Barielle that is black with red glitter that has been a fav of mine since it came out.

  12. What a gorgeous color! Vampy, sparkly, gorgeous!

  13. Tjusigt! Den skulle gärna få bo hos mig också.

  14. Well, up to this point it seems this color is mch easier to get ahold of in Sweden than anywhere else! :D

    Anonymous: Jag blev också nyfis och gjorde en sökning på, men fick noll träffar! Tråkigt, för google hittade cacheade auktioner - och jag ville handla. ;)

  15. It looks very much like Eyeko Cosmic edition: Vampira.


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