Monday, November 22, 2010

Comparison week day 1 - Silver foil comparison

Welcome to comparison week! I (Cammi) have a lot of comparisons lined up so buckle up! Let's start comparison week with some silver foils...

From left to right (the first two pictures): (1) Orly Dazzle, (2) Orly Shine, (3) China Glaze Cheers to you, (4) Zoya Trixie, (5) Creative Silver Anniversary

Did you think twice before ordering Cheers to you because you already have so many silver foils? I didn't, but then again, I looooooove silver foils!
I will say that Cheers to you appears to be a little bit (barely noticeable) darker than the others but I could never tell them apart. Do I need all of these? No. Will I keep buying silver foils? Well... I can't promise anything... ;)

Swedish word of the day
liknande -adjective similar
These silver foils are.


  1. Though they almost look the same I think, to me 3 is the prettiest. I might add that one to my 'wanted' list :)

  2. I think silver foils look mostly the same :P
    But I love them too, a shame they look awful on me...

  3. Sarah B. - you can always "pimp" it up with Chg Spellbound or something like that =)

  4. I think they all look almost the same but I like the ones from Orly the best :D

  5. Hi, could you tell me which one was the most opaque and which one left less brush strokes? Thanks. xoxo.

  6. FashionPolish - most opaque was Cheers to you (followed by Trixie) but it also left most brush strokes. The one with least brush strokes was Orly Shine followed by Orly Dazzle.


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