Friday, September 17, 2010

Tease-y Does It! vs Raspberry Truffle

When I spotted Tease-Y Does It! in the Burlesque collection it was love at first sight but was it really first sight or had I seen this before?

As you may know by now, I'm not the best photographer and if you want better swatches you can scroll down to Feline's pics of Tease-y Does It! but I think these pics below shows that I found a dupe in my collection.

I just realised I missed the "s" in Raspberry in the first two pictures... sigh... Anyway...

Bottle pic:

Ring and index: Nubar Raspberry Truffle, middle and pinkie: OPI Tease-y Does It!

Left: Nubar, right: OPI

You can click the pictures to see how much these are alike, I couldn't tell them apart IRL so in my opinion you don't need both. I did two coats, OPI was a little more opaque at the first coat.

Swedish word of the day:
tvillingar-noun twins
Because these polishes are.


  1. Oh thank you for posting this. I have both items on my to-buy list, now I can scratch one off :)

  2. Tusen tack för den jämförelsen! Då kan jag stryka Teas-y från eventuella inköp!

  3. holy shit your nails got long! Thanks for the comp post, love knowing what's dupes of what

  4. Thanks! I needed this. Already thought they are twins, but now I know for sure and I don´t need the OPI, already own the Nubar.

  5. Thanks, you jut saved me some dinero chica! Gracias!!!

  6. Glad to be of assistance! :)

  7. They are so pretty indeed! They will be much prettier if you captured photos of them digging on some real truffles. By the way, they look yummy.

  8. Wow! so close!
    I´ve always wanted raspberry truffle, but I have a lot of difficulty on getting my hands on this is great news!!

  9. buy truffles: That's true! :)

    Sarah B: I have the same problem, I get Nubars on ebay

  10. Cool, now I can cross off the Nubar!

  11. Yes!!! Thanks for this comparison so much, I was desperate to see these side by side. I'll go with the Nubar.


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