Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green for luck

I'll just be practical. Since I have a semi difficult test coming up tomorrow morning, I'm posting a bunch of random green polishes I've worn lately, but didn't get around to posting before- just for luck.

First up, the polish I wanted to try the most of the ones I had from Ange of Scandalously Polished. Double Mint, ULTA.

This one has been color corrected unto the absurd. I shot photos out on my balcony late at night, when the sun was setting, and they all turned out rather crappy, of course. However, I do believe I almost got it right after insane amounts of clicking around in Photoshop, or what do you think, Ange?

Just to be sure, I cut out a piece of another photo, that I shot with flash at some distance.

Looks kinda perverted, in a nice way.

Next, I tried Orly Mint Mojito. I loved this one in theory, as I do most greens, but somehow, I wasn't really happy with it. To add to my experience, I didn't get very good photos of it. It was hard to capture, and behaved almost like one of those super saturated colors, although it isn't.

Last, a local one. And discontinued, limited edition even. But still. A very nice olive green. Viva La Diva mini polish no. 2.

I was lucky and found this one in a place it would be least expected, a year and a half after its release. These babies have been gone for quite a while now, but then I found my bottle, in the very midst of Stockholm City, where people are rotating at an insane speed compared to other Swedish shopping centers. Didn't see that one coming.

And no, I'm not really superstitious, but I tend to become when something big is coming up, just in case. Just to be precautious, I have polished my tips in green, and my toes in red! You can never be too sure...

Swedish word of the evening:
skrock -noun superstition
Because my green tips are one.


  1. I am ultra lucky then since I have Viva la Diva. YAY!
    I love green but I think you trump me a lot on that! :)

  2. love these! double mint looks just right

  3. The Orly is pretty nice, and pretty close to the green I'm looking for to match my hoodie! :)

  4. I love the mint one and this last one looks gorgeous too! I've never heard about this red toes/green tips thing...is it yours or...?
    BTW: I hope your exam went well! :*

  5. Evil Angel: You're a lucky woman in many ways! ;)

    Scandalous: Awesome! You should have seen my original file... xD

    Anne: You don't know that though. ;D

    nihrida: It was a tiny thing on twitter lst night. I asked the other girls, and got two votes for green and one vote for red or gold. I decided to do all. I do not discriminate. xD


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