Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Warm Me Up please

Here's a quickie one and another from the OPI Mariah Carey holiday collection: Warm Me Up.

I didn't like this at first in the bottle, it looked like it was going to be frosty - but then I needed that cool toned dark chocolate color. And as long as you handle the brush carefully, it ends up nice, and no, it isn't frosty. It reminded me of the Misa classic Earthward, but while that one really was frosty, this is like an improved version, needed now in a time when all nail peeps, me included, are way more sensitive to even the slightest hint of frostiness.

I really liked this one, because cool toned browns aren't that common, after all.


  1. Brown manicures are total under rated!!

  2. Sjukt fint lack alltså, även om man inte sitter och skriker av lycka när man ser det.


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