Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shake your pond

I know, I know... The headlines are just getting worse by the time. But let's yet again ignore that, and check out another one of those pond manicures I did back in... well... Way too long ago.

This is Essie Shake Your $$ Maker with some random white in the form of dotted flowers. As per usual with pond manicures, the flower dots were added in between layers. I thought one of Essies summer neon jellies was going to be perfect for this, since it's recommended they are put over white for extra pop effect, but damn... The formula on this one sucks. I mean really. First coat is okay, but each added coat just makes application more hellish. And neons really need building up.

I will put this bottle with seemingly lush contents in my drawers, but damned if I use it ever again.


  1. How beautiful...
    I love green!
    Eva -

  2. Haha the headlines are just perfect, just like this manicure :)

  3. I love your headlines :)

    Very pretty pond.

  4. Looks gorgeous! It makes me want to try to make a pond manicure too. :-)

  5. Perfekt till att dölja VNL iaf! :)


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