Monday, June 17, 2013

In need of a Holly-Day

Yes, I am still alive! Here's some nail polish:

China Glaze Holly-Day. No, it's not christmas time in Sweden - we have fullblown summer. But there's always time for a good green creme.

This product was purchased with own funds.


  1. I agree - I love a good green creme and this one looks super on you!

  2. Very nice colour, but what about word of the day? ;)

    1. Sorry for the lack of Swedish vocabulary! Too much fumes lately, my head is empty. ;)

  3. Vackert! Det är aldrig fel med ett snyggt grönt krämlack!

  4. ÄE vad snygg. Jag vill ha ett mörkgrönt krämlack och har obsessat över Nars ZULU men den är nästan FÖR mörk? Jag vill ju att man ska se att lacket är grönt. Denna är en bra konkurrent!

  5. That might be the green I'm looking for. Beautiful color!

  6. Love it! This is the kind of green that I am looking for. It looks so classy and elegant. Gotta grab this one.


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